Revolutional platform with financial eco-system based on blockchain

  • KitToken is officially registered with the Malaysian government;
  • KitToken will trade on an SEC-compliant exchange where you can buy and sell them for profit;
  • KitToken can be used with existing points programs;
  • KitToken can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and cash;
  • KitToken can also be redeemed for merchandise. 

 Strategies of KitToken:

Bridging the gap between merchant and users

\- To create a community of merchant and users; including goods and service providers,medical services,air travel and hospitality as well as educational services to accept KitToken as mode of payment worth 1.5 trillion.To create Malaysia's first hybrid crypto wallet platform known as kitpay

Awareness and Recruitment*

-To create and promote awareness among KitToken holders through airdrop and incentive scheme.

-To recruit 1 million regional KitToken holders and facilitate peer to peer money transfer worth 2.5 trillion

Profits and network expansion

-To create unique high value projects which shall contribute to the kittoken owners' earning worth 3 to 5% anually

-To expand the network of users by branding and aggressive promotion.


KitPay fills as a server that is included in the decentralized blockchain framework associated with settings. KitPay will allow clients to have a wallet that stores, exchanges and exchanges KitToken on every day of worldly monetary training. The KitToken holder benefits from additional usage and valuation for KitToken prices. Finally, by people from the Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get a share of the profits from KitToken Inc.'s business training. 

KitPay provides a unique Ethereum hybrid model for storing and processing digital transactions in a secure and transparent manner that includes proof of work (POW) and stake test (POS). POW implies the number of transactions or the purchase of KitToken by the token holders. POS records the storage of KitToken in an individual wallet for the purpose of profit distribution. 

Token name: KitToken

Symbol: KIT

Decimal: 18

Cost per token: $0.05

Total Supply: 8 Billion

For Reserve: 2.5 Billion

For sale: 3.5 Billion

Airdrop+Bonuses : 2 BillionICO and Pre-sale information

Early Bird sale event : 20th to 25th July (Bonus 70%)

26th to 31st July(Bonus 50%)

ICO sale : 1st phase -August 1st to 10th (Bonus 30%)

2nd phase-August 11th to 20th 



JULY 2017

Concept design

Research on cryptocurrency market and transfer medium between ASEAN countriesOCTOBER 2017

Technical specifications and survey on users experience on money transfer

Approach travel agencies regarding new,cheap and reliable payment methodDECEMBER 2017

Building network among corporate and cryptocurrency network

Approach financial and technical partners

Constructing human resource requirement for operational purposesQ1&2 of 2018


Finalizing necessary financial procedure with local and international bodiesFEBRUARY 2018

Development of KIT token website and wallet

Establishment of Technical partnersAPRIL 2018

Establishing KitToken alpha platform and whitepaper preparationJULY 2018

World crypto asset blockchain alliance ASIA summit on July 7th,2018

Kit Token airdrops and establishment in all possible social media

Launch of KitToken pre-sale on July 20,2018 Q2&3 of 2018

AUGUST 2018Launching of KitToken ICO

1st — 10th — I phase of ICO (30% Bonus)

11th — 20th — II phase of ICO ( 20% Bonus)SEPTEMBER 2018

Launching of KitPay web wallet and mobile apps Version 1.0


Business development and strengthening of partnerships

Exposing KitToken actively through international forum2019 and 2020


Launching KitToken.Inc travel and tour project

Partnership with local and international bank

Listing on major exchange


Launching KitToken Neurosciences Project

Listing on major exchange


Launching KitToken Petroleum Bunkering Project

Listing on another big exchange2020

Launching More mega projects in future

Listing on nearly 25 big exchanges 

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