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Necessity of creating a project:

At the moment, the problem of reliable and convenient way of data storage is very relevant in the world. Besides application in the financial field, blockchain-based encrypted decentralized information storage technology can be used for long-term storage of secure data, with protection from modification, deletion or unpermitted viewing.

Idea & mission:

  • To create an ecosystem that wholly include diverse applications to meet the needs of the general public (individuals, government organizations, businesses) as regards storage of diverse important data.
  • To create a truly decentralized platform that will be operated and managed by users to avoid unnecessary Centralizations or interference of third parties.

Using causes:
  • File Encryption
  • Decentralized storageT
  • Protection against data falsification
  • Motivation of all participants
  • Mining Authority Testing
  • API for application development

Platform description:

Completely decentralized, ultra-secure encrypted data storage on the blockchain.Owners of 10,000 or more MMR tokens receive an exclusive opportunity to earn MMR tokens through mining without the need for expensive computer equipment (authority test extraction).The Alpha version of the application is ready.


1. Data owner - can store data in an encrypted form in a decentralized and completely secure manner, paying for the storage with MMR tokens. Also, he can provide his disk space for data of other users, becoming a hoster, and receive tokens to pay for the stored data.

2. Hoster - can receive MMR tokens for providing their disk space to users of the Memority platform to store their data.

3. Third-party developers - will be able to implement their ideas and create their own applications, using the infrastructure of Memority, and receiving MMR tokens for this.

4. Miner - receives rewards in the form of MMR tokens for supporting the working capacity of blockchain executing their authority (only 10,000 or more token owners can become miners).


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