Remyt: overview of the project

Remyt - the first remittance ecosystem with a cryptocurrency secured by physical gold. 

They create a safe remittance ecosystem which will ease the process of sending funds to your home country or any country. 

Remyt is a decentralized peer-to-peer application platform, which provides an ecosystem where users have one wallet that enables them to send funds across borders. Remyt will make the process of money transfer by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country simple and fast. 

Neccesity: Banks are responsible for major remittances in the world, but there are three dominant operators in the non-bank sector: Money Gram, Ria and Western Union. They operate about 1.1 million retail locations in 200 countries. However there are other players in the industry like: Currencyfair, xe, world remit, transferwise etc. Remyt plans to decentralize remittance processes using blockchain technology by offering the cheapest fees, transparency and instant access. 

Using it, you can send funds to any person or organization anywhere in the World with minimal commissions and in the shortest time. Due to decentralization, the system will be free of fees and intermediaries, and blockchain technology and smart contracts ensure the security and transparency of transactions. On the platform, each user will be created a separate wallet, where all funds will be stored.

A special token XRT was developed for the platform, on which the entire project economy will be based. With it, you can make transfers, pay for the services of the platform, trade them on exchanges and even just make a profit for their storage. Interestingly, the price of the token will depend on the price of real gold. At the same time, each month a part of the profit from the platform will also be spent on the replenishment of gold reserves and the regulation of the currency price. 

Remyt Initial Coin Offering (ICO) :

Remyt will issue an ERC20 Remyt Token (XRT) for its ICO, which will be utilized as a medium of exchange in the Remyt Ecosystem. 

Gold Structure:

Each Remyt Token is backed by 0.01g of physical Gold for a start, held in multiple secure storage facilities. At the end of every financial quarter, 20% of total profits will be used to procure more gold thereby increasing our gold reserve. Every half-year the gold reserve will be audited by a third party audits whose report will be made available to token holders. 

Investment Opportunity in Remyt:

  1. Earn daily from our Crypto Investment Program (CIP): Interest is paid daily to investors. (Terms & Conditions apply)
  2. Earn commission in our Remyt Partnership Program (Terms and conditions apply)
  3. Affiliate: Earn bonuses when you participate in our ICO, bounty or invite others to join via your referral link. (Terms and conditions apply) 
  4. Trade: Earn profit from trading Remyt Token 

Funds allocation:

Main features:


Each Remyt Token is backed by 0.01g of physical gold for a start.


20 percent of our profit will be used to buy more gold every Quarter.


Audit of our gold reserve once every half-year 

The roadmap:

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