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Humbyl - the world's largest crypto currency, created for the decentralized cryptographic platform Fantasy Sports with these sports celebrities. 

Advantages of Humbyl
The main advantage is the guarantee of fair play. Decentralized blockade platform reliably protects all information from tampering. Now the player gets 100% confidence in the transparency of the game results. Access to the storage of information is not even the creators of Humbyl, which excludes any possibility of mechanical influence on the outcome of the game.

How it work?

HBL was developed for use on the HUMBLY sports platform for all transactions on the Internet and on mobile platforms. The owners of the token can compete with other owners on the platform around the world. Since the first crypto currency in the world was built for the decentralized sports platform Crypto Fantasy with real celebrity competitions. HBL is used by famous celebrities, as well as by all other platform users. In addition . Owners of HBL can predict the winner of the competition and earn HBL, if correctly predicted.

Popular celebrities as a partner
It is interesting that HUMBLY have major sports celebrities as partners. Some of them are NBA stars, including Seth Curry, Kyle Cuzma, Jason Richardson and Ekpe Udok. This is really a unique project that no one wants to miss. Use this article and become a part of this wonderful step on the platform of dDEcentralized sports prediction. Invest in ICO today. To participate in sales, there should be a prospective investor on the list.


Interestingly, HUMBLY have big sports celebrities as partners. Some of them are the NBA stars, including Seth Currry, Kyle Kuzma, Jason Richardson and Ekpe Udoh. This is indeed a unique project that nobody wants to miss. Take advantage of this article and be part of this great step on the dDEcentralized sports prediction platform. Invest in the ICO today. To participate in the sales, an intended investor must be on the list.

  • Name: humble coin
  • Symbol: GBL
  • Total stock: 1,000,000,000.00 GBL
  • marker is available: 400,000,000.00
  • sales May 21, 2018 and ends August 31, 2018.
  • Accepted Currency: ETH only.

Other information:

The roadmap:

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