New business opportunities with CybitCorp

  • CyBit is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain that helps people who start a new business or want a valuable project. 

This allows people to use the crowdfunding technique to raise the necessary funds. At the same time, Cybit helps investors to evaluate the possibility of commercial proposals. Cybit is a new platform that informs investors and connects them with new investors and companies or search engines. All of these interactions will be made possible through the use of a cryptographic token called CBT.

  • The vision for the Cybit project is to launch a new global market that uses block-based tokens that can be trusted as a payment system through forex transactions and crowdfunding sources. It uses methods that promote and support infrastructure flexibility. 

They intend to provide comprehensive contract intelligence capabilities for smooth project implementation with full transparency. Cybit's team is focused on helping customers meet increasing customer needs without incurring higher costs.

  • The main objective of the project is to introduce a new global market that uses reliable markers on the basis of flowcharts as payment systems through foreign exchange transactions and sources of cloud financing.

It is planned to provide a comprehensive intellectual contractual function for the smooth implementation of projects with full transparency. The CyBit team focuses on helping customers meet their needs without resorting to high costs.

  1. CyBit provides a professionally designed platform where entrepreneurs from any part of the world can present their ideas to audiences, which include Venture Capitalists and other high net worth investors looking for investment opportunities.
  2. The team of dedicated business analysts will quantify and qualify business proposals on various domain specific parameters which will help investors understand the risks and returns associated with their projects.
  3. By implementing the term sheet (investment agreement) on a block chain, the total fund agreement timelines and suitable business metrics can be coded into a ‘smart’ contract which makes it understandable and non-problematic for both investors and the founders.
  4. The solution is designed and supported by professionals to provide you with the latest, secure technology in all areas of conducting your business.

Perimeters Of The ICO:
Token Symbol: CBT
Token Sale Date: 05/10/18 – TBD
Accepted Payment Method: ETH, BTC & LTC
Total Supply: 8.5 Billion
Token Standard: Ethereum
Soft Cap: 2,500,000
Hard Cap: 50,000,000.

Token distribution.

The team: 

B. Lee Jones – CEO
Paul Macfarlane – CMO
Kathleen Wolf – Chief Financial Officer
Garima Singh – Chief Strategy Officer
Naquib Hatami – Founder
Guney Demirci – VP of Operation
Simon Choi – Legal Counsel


Quarter 4 2017

Q4 2017, NOVEMBER - Research on market Opportunities-Global Market Analysis

Q4 2017, DECEMBER - Initial research work completed and concept finalization

Quarter 1 2018

Q1 2018, JANUARY - Initiate Designing Process UI interface Setup

Q1 2018, FEBRUARY - ERC-223 Testing on Testnet Blockchain Whitepaper, public announcement

Q1 2018, MARCH - Legal registration

Quarter 2 2018

Q2 2018, APRIL - CyBit platform testing

Q2 2018, MAY - Pre ICO starts

Q2 2018, JUNE - Pre ICO ends Creation of SRS

Quarter 3 2018

Q3 2018, JULY - ICO starts Hiring team for business operation & platform development

Q1 2018, AUGUST - Exchange registration Platform development & operational process

Q1 2018, SEPTEMBER ICO ends - Android/IOS application development start

CyBit platform alpha version launch & testing of platform

Quarter 4 2018

Q4 2018, OCTOBER - CyBit platform marketing campaign

Q4 2018, NOVEMBER - Contacting investors & startup for platform registration

Q4 2018, DECEMBER - Organizing global event & summits

Quarter 1 2019

Q1 2019, JANUARY - Setup an operational office & development center in India

Q1 2019, FEBRUARY - Organize startup/ICO meetup events across the globe

Q1 2019, MARCH - Get international investor on board from across the globe

Quarter 2 2019

Q2 2019, APRIL - Launch first successful project & get funded through CyBit platform

Q2 2019, MAY - Start a CyBit charitable trust & provide donation to various NGO through CyBit token

Q2 2019, JUNE - CyBit platform Beta version launch

Quarter 3 2019

Q3 2019, JULY - CyBit investors fund transfer Android/IOS launch

Q3 2019, AUGUST - CyBit global customer support centers launch

Q3 2019, SEPTEMBER - Embark the success of CyBit platform to next level.

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