IAT is Instant Asset Tokens is a token issued by the company Digi Assets Pte Ltd. Digi Assets Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered entity and will be the wholly in charge of the management company of Instant Assets Tokens (IAT).

Instant Asset Token aims to revolutionize the real estate industry using Blockchain technology through the development of the IAT Platform. Funds obtained from this ICO will be used to develop IAT blockchain and asset management to be performed by the management company currently in operation.

The task of IAT is to reduce the cost of intermediary services, thereby reducing the cost of buying, selling and renting at least twice. Thanks to the technology of blocking and tokenization of real estate with the help of IAT tokens, both property owners and their counterparties from among buyers and tenants will be able to save part of the funds that can be used for other purposes.

IAT ecosystem:

How does IAT system work ?

There are two kinds of tokens serving the solution that the company provides.

  • Instant Assets Token (IAT)

This will be released via a process of ICO on the Ethereum network and will be ERC-20 compatible. Funds raised from this ICO will be used to develop the IAT blockchain and assets will be acquired to form the initial bulk of properties in the IAT ecosystem. There is a total supply of 4,500,000,000 tokens and it will be pegged to US$0.01 per token.

  • Native Instant Assets Token (NIAT)

This will be the localized token equivalent of the IAT as it will only be usable within each individual real estate market and is pegged against the country’s native currency. To protect investors from volatility of the cryptocurrency market, NIAT will not be minted on its own but can only be purchased using IAT.


Platform – Ethereum
Type – ERC20
Price in ICO – 1 IAT = 0.01 USD
Tokens for sale – 2,000,000,000
Min. investment – 0.1 ETH
Accepting – BTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO – 44.44 %
Soft cap – 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap – 20,000,000 USD

Uses of IAT Token:

IAT will be issued via a Token sale with a total supply of 4,500,000,000 IA Tokens. The price of the IA Tokens will be pegged to US$0.01 per token, ETH and BTC will be accepted. Value of tokens for sale will be US$20 million (inclusive of Early Investors, Pre-sale and Crowd-sale) with distribution according to the table below. Unsold IA Tokens (cap at 40,000,000 IA Tokens) will be given to charity organizations and remaining IA Tokens will be burned. Pre-Sale will commence in early April with the crowd sale subsequently commencing in 15 June 2018.

Apart from providing the need solutions in Real Estate market, The IAT platform will encourage reward anyone who utilizes the token for their transactions through various discount strategies. Some of these potential users include; Tenants doing their rental payment, Partner merchants, those paying for Tax advisory, and also those paying for legal services through this platform, can utilize NIAT to settle lawyers for their legal services.

The amazing team:

The roadmap of the project:

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Website: [https://www.iatokens.com/]

Whitepaper: [http://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf]

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Telegram: [https://t.me/iatokens]

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