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ExoLover - innovative sex toy devices

ExoLover is a collection of innovative sex toy devices that allow users to experience sexual sensations with virtual or remote partners.

  • ExoLover users interact remotely with others in immersive virtual sexual experiences that transmit sexual sensations for a complete body experience like no other.
  • This device was born from the idea of exo-skeleton - ExoLover's device covers body parts and provides support for a more fully satisfied sexual life. ExoLover lets people find new partners wherever they are, connect with current partners when they are separated by distance, and play with their deepest fantasies.
  • ExoLover completely changed the idea of

    the possibility of getting satisfaction from sex. This project is designed to radically alter this approach rather than the most common but perhaps the greatest problem.
  • Electronic equipment consists of a set of hardware and software that allows to organize programs and control sexual relationships. Decentralized platforms will simplify the enrollment process in accordance with the principle of anonymity.

The mission of our project is:

- to give the user a full sexual experience.

- to enable people to feel the joy of sex even in the absence of a partner.

- to gain sexual satisfaction when the user feels completely safe and protected from violence in a comfortable place.

- to making the process of finding partners more quickly and easily.

- to enable people to manifest their sexual desires at the right time.

Our overview:

The ground-breaking technology incorporated into ExoLover’s engineering and design coupled with the power of cryptographic security offered on the blockchain makes for an explosive new technology that truly transforms the sex toy industry.

The ExoLover global expert teams are currently working hard to build internet-connected sex toys which interact with each other via mobile and desktop application using high tech technology to record sexual motions and send sensations between lovers who are separated by distance.

The products are we are developing are innovative, well-crafted and feature unique technologies that make them superior to others on the market.Our ExoLover sex toys are also patented state of the art wearable devices which realistically emulate perceptory, acoustic, somatic, visual and haptic stimuli allowing users to interact remotely over the decentralized blockchain ExoLover Platform.

To shed more light on the business model, let’s first address some of the questions and concerns users may have, for instance:

  1. Why do people buy a sex device, if for each use it is necessary to pay?
    It seems somehow absurd. But the absurdity ends immediately if you look at examples from other areas. For example, a person buys a new car. But if he does not pour gasoline into it every time, the car will not function. Do not want to pay for gasoline? There are simple and understandable free solutions – for example, you can buy a bicycle or a cart.
  2. Possibly people will buy something else, but not requiring payment for each connection?
    Exolover also offers its devices not for hefty amounts, but for an average price range of $100. In fact, half of the world’s population can purchase these devices which shows potential for product penetration and market growth. But further, starting only with a payment of $1, a person each time can receive completely new sensations that any other sex toys won’t be able to match.
  3. What about the new sensations promised each time?
    _A man who wants to get sexual stimulation using the ExoLover devices can connect with a woman who is currently seeking similar sensational pleasures. Each of them can appear in any of the pre-created simulations on the Exo platform. _

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