Cryptograin - Everyone is able to create future and use crypto-currency benefits!

  • Cryptograin is a new, decentralized platform that performs the function of cryptocurrency exchange, combining the most advanced technological developments and the popular blockchain system that has proven itself as providing complete reliability and security. 
  • Cryptocurrency has literally revolutionized the international market as soon as it entered it, immediately attracting a lot of people, most of whom wanted to experience its advantages in practice. That is why projects based on cryptocurrency are now one of the most popular and have huge development prospects, as well as investments in the digital currency. 

This project allows you to bridge the gap between financial and crypto-currency funds. And also it represents a complete ecosystem for the exchange of funds between crypto currency and fiat money. The user can keep funds in the wallet, convert them into other crypto-currencies, and also withdraw money from bank cards in Fiat. And this is not all the features of the service. For example, because a person will hold funds in a crypto currency, he or she will receive a decentralized savings account for funds. This service is different from conventional banks, because they can not work with assets such as crypto-currencies.

There are different ways Cryptograin is promoting saving over the platform. And this includes:

Saving through integration of a bank card:

You can withdraw funds to debit and virtual cards from Cryptograin:

Save money in the service, and if necessary - withdraw money all over the world, make free purchases in stores, get money directly to the card

You will not need any special economic or financial knowledge:

Due to insignificant money transfers, your wealth is increasing. It is possible to deposit wallet with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, perform any operations on depositing and withdrawing funds, exchange fiat into cryptocurrency and vice versa The team of professionals develops and supports the service.

Token Details:

Name: CGR

Token Sale: June 25-August 29, 2018

Total Stock: 17 000 000

Total Volume Allocated For Sale: 12 750 000

Starting Price: 1 CGR = 1$ 

The roadmap:

Contact information:

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