CASPER - the first decentralized platform for cloud storage

  • Casper API is a new start-up, which has a rather promising future. 

Its main goal is to connect developers who require services for reliable data storage, and those who can provide them with a valuable space within its framework. It can be either simple users who want to profit without much effort, as well as specialized data centers. The platform promises to be completely decentralized and work on the basis of smart contracts to quickly connect the right partners, while ensuring the complete security of each party.

  • How it works?

Casper API works in a way that a decentralized application places an inquiry with the smart contract regarding available free space for content; in response, the smart contract sends the address of the server where the data can be uploaded. As the file is uploaded, Casper API copies the file to three more servers; in total, there are four copies of the file.The same number of copies is maintained in the future. When any one of the servers becomes unavailable, it is replaced by a new one, which downloads a copy of the file from the three remaining servers.

  • Features of the project:

- Encoding of stored files,
- High file upload/download rate thanks to peer-to-peer technology,
- Shared file access,
- Feasible data storage pricing.

Casper allows users to load random files into cloud services and later access them from any device. Casper basic functions is encoding files saved, upload files / high-level thanks to technology, peer-to-peer shared files an access data storage reasonable price. This is built as self-regulated one, and it is sufficiently independent on smart-contract. The biggest benefit of Casper is that it offers all features at a very feasible data storing fees. Casper makes sure to take care of the confidentiality.

Network participants shall validate operation of each other, users of storage service may contact to vendors free from smart-contract participation to perform the most operations. Smart-contract code shall coordinate operation of any network participant, and receive notices on any operation significant for billing.

Token sales: 

  1. The price of a CST token is backed by the profitability of services rendered by the provider for the storage volume registered for 1 CST as well as by CST token turnover.
  2. During the ICO, a limited amount of tokens is issued.
  3. Pre-ICO phase it is planned to sell tokens at a discount, 1CST = $0.8. Sales will be implemented via Ethereum smart-contract as per USD/ETH updated rate as of the day Pre-ICO is launched.
  4. Total amount of funds is $1,040,000. The following is complete information about ICO, or you can see it in whitepaper.

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