Business Operating System: Blackbox OS (BBOS)

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is built on Ethereum which is a Distributed Application (DApp) platform, to manage distributed companies, teams and projects on the blockchain.

They eliminate duplicate and repetitive workflows, improving collaborations between or under the companies. BBOS bridging the gaps between the decentralized world and allows organizations to unleash the power of distributed technology and artificial intelligence. Through decentralizing the Business operation systems, they are improving the human cooperation and reducing costs by enabling individual nodes across the network.

The aim of the project will be:

  • expanded optimization of the workforce and work processes;
  • elimination of repetitive tasks in work processes;
  • interaction between organizations, communities and users in the Blackbox system.

Blackbox Foundation, a non-profit foundation, on the basis of which the platform will be built. Blackbox AI will be engaged in operational activities, which will engage users, communities and developers on the platform.

The idea of the creators of the platform is to create more effective, forced conditions for capitalism, by introducing modern technologies, egalitarianism and mechanisms of meritocracy.
Capitalism is an imperfect form of society. The key task of participants in the capitalist system is profit, the accumulation of wealth. Because of this, negative processes are taking place in the world on the deterioration of the environment, the growth of the social gap between different strata of the population.

Blackbox OS:

BBOS, a DApp, will take into consideration the following elements to improve the business operating systems:Governance: BBOS will provide flexible solutions to the organizations as every organization have different principles and way of working. The internal proposal system of BBOS will carry out voting, goal alignment and constructive feedback to improve the existing operating systems.

Compensation: BBOS will give fair compensation to all the contributors according to the value provided by them. BBOS will do this with the help of Deliverable Value Points and Proof of Value Protocol. The tokens used in this ecosystem will provide low transaction cost and will reduce the time to complete the payment process.

Identity: In BBOS, employee’s identity will consist of his/her expertise, reputation, and the value contributed by them. This identity will be used to compensate fairly, to provide recommendations etc.

Management: On this decentralized platform the term, “management”, will not only mean reaching organizational goals but it also eliminate all the inefficiencies by improving feedback mechanism and quantifying more information with the help of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).


The movement of the platform components will be made possible by the BBOS Token, a utility token that will give network members access to Blackbox, empowering them to have a voice in what happens in the ecosystem. With the token, they will be able to submit proposals and even vote on decisions that matter to them. The token will become the means to incentivize their participation and contributions to the platform.

You can work on the Blackbox network using the following algorithm:

  • Get the offers submitted by the platform;
  • After completing the work, get approval on the basis of consensus (PoV) with the help of expert feedback;
  • Complete the project and confirm the cost of the work using the DVP assessment;
  • Obtain the BBOS tokens distributed based on the estimated cost of the work.
  • The BBOS token will act as a unit of value and exchange within the ecosystem.

Other info about a project:

Token information:
In total, 1 billion tokens (BBOS) are conceived in the system. The price of one for sales is 16 US cents. You can buy coins for ETH and BTC. Soft-cap of the project is not installed, the top fee is $ 10 million. The project is registered in Hong Kong and is banned in China and the US.Pre-sale. The pre-sales phase began on June 26 and ends on August 3.

Presale Sale : 50% Bonus First $US 3,000,000
until Sept 27th or $3m cap reached (37,500,000 BBOS)
Ticker : BBOS
Token Type : ERC20
Token Price : 1 BBOS = $0.16 ($USD)
Timing : *5+ ETH contributions qualify for bonus. Pre-ICO ends Sept 27, 2018 (12:00PM) EDT or until the maximum cap is reached.
Accepted : ETH
Token Purpose : The BBOS token provides independent contractors and groups access to the Blackbox Network. Serves as an internal mechanism to facilitate labor/capital/market interoperability based on a standard measurement of value.
The main sales will be conducted from October 28 to November 20.

Token distribution:

– 10% share of the reserve;
– 1% for the daily needs of the team;
– 20.75% will be distributed among the members of the main team;
– 34.58% of the sales pool;
– 1% share of advisers;
– 2% of the Bounty program pool;
– and 30.67% will go to the Fund.


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