Bettium and its AI-powered analytical platform change your overall vision of the bet

Sports betting regulations vary tremendously from country to country. Even within a given country, the regulations differ depending on the jurisdiction. This new development in the US is spectacular because it unlocks a lot of untapped potential for us. Yet, we are still trying to estimate what the size of this potential actually is. Every state is going to make its own decision about how to regulate sports betting. Our sources suggest that for many states the outcome will be a desirable one. For this reason, we believe that our final product can find success in the US market. 

Bettium is a global decentralized platform enabling users to bet on sporting events against each other, each using big data and established experts to improve forecasts and strategy. Traditional sites pit the bettor against a classical bookmaker, an entity disinterested in the player’s success. Bettium provides direct access to AI, Big Data and powerful analytical tools to help the bettor make smart conclusions and smart bets against peers.The Bettium gaming space is professional, transparent, and fair to all users, both professional and amateur.

Bettium is essentially a project that implements a bookmaker's office. The beauty of this project is that it is built on an excellent decentralized platform. The technology on which the project is based is called blockchain. Many people know about it, but I want to remind you that thanks to this technology, users can not worry about the falsification of data. For this is not real. Plus, there are also smart contracts involved, which implement all transactions related to the payment of your winnings.

The Bettium build also addresses issues of trust, scalability and the omnipresence of the invisible barrier behind which the casino typically wins most hands. Rather than funnel the gaming public through a betting system controlled by a single third party looking to profit more than the players, by building a peer to peer platform, Bettium is enabling a large number of gamers who place sports bets around the world.

The developers speak of “unprecedented flexibility and reliability” and the construct is a subtle but still substantial departure from the norm that should appeal to millions in the community.


General information:
Pre-sale Time:01 July 2018 - 10 July 2018
ICO Time:01 Sept 2018 - 30 Sept 2018

Token information:

Token Type:ERC20
Available for sale:550,000,000 BETT (55%)

Financial details:
ICO Price:1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Accepting:BTC, ETH
Soft cap:7,500,000 USD
Hard cap:30,000,000 USD


More Information:

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