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A new approach to the monetization: Monoreto network

Monoreto is a social network that wants to reward users posters for their original content. 

This is a social network where users pay to like the posts that they really like and help boost the creators of original content and reward them in the process.

Monoreto will make communication even easier and more convenient.

Every Monoreto user will get modern social networking tools:

  • Improved timeline of posts with photos and videos
  • Comments on posts to keep in contact with followers
  • Stories function, which allows for creation of photos and 10-second videos with overlaid text, emojis, and handwritten notes


  1. Blog and Generate
  2. Similar price in MON token is related to the equivalent in US dollars – 50 cents
  3. Likes and Becomes Popular
  4. Like more and go to Monoreto Top
  5. Raise Funds for your Start-Up
  6. Such a monetization makes it possible to raise funds and invest

An important goal of the innovative project is the ability for users to monetize their content - they will be able to receive a certain reward for each person.

Developers of the decentralized platform Monoreto are doing everything possible to ensure that users of their block network can earn without special skills and serious time costs.

The majority of social networks have an exclusively one-sided type of user interaction:

  • If a user likes something, it is free support for the author who doesn’t have reverse feedback.
  • If the author is famous, desire to further promote the author is reduced because of the volume of likes that have already been received.
  • When 1 like = 5 cents in tokens, this problem becomes greater since real money that the user will have to part with is being deducted.

To solve this problem, a team of experienced Monoreto specialists decided to base their product on a simple and understandable mechanism to promote giving likes.

The main point is that both content creators and users get benefits. The more likes the user gives, the higher his own rating on the user chart becomes. A low cost for likes allows people to do what they “like” and also gives them something to compensate for the fact that they are transferring money to do so.

Monoreto is a social network that:

  • Gives every user the opportunity to earn from posting photos and videos
  • Increases the significance and value of likes and improves the overall quality of content
  • Reduces the need for blogger ads as a monetization method
  • Makes fake likes and bots unprofitable

Token Info:

Name : Monoreto
Token : MNR
PreICO Price : 1 MNR = 0.025 USD
Price : 1 MNR = 0.05 USD
Soft cap : 200,000 USD
Hard cap : 800,000 USD

Tokens for sale : 500,000,000

The roadmap:

Monoreto goes further than existing platforms with monetization of likes. The team creates a social network that will make the process of transferring funds as easy and profitable as possible. That is why the number of Monoreto's use cases is limited only by our imagination.

For more information, please visit:

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  2. Whitepaper: []
  3. Telegram: []
  4. Facebook: []
  5. Twitter: []


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