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A "friendly" platform for music and art lovers - AMICORUM!

AMICORUM is a crowd sourced Blockchain-based peer-peer ecosystem for ticket resale of music festivals and concerts around the globe.

Amicorum.Live is an innovative ecosystem that was built on blockbuster technology.

Many professionals claim that in the future it will be able to undermine and completely decentralize the markets for re-selling tickets.

 The platform provides a peer to peer ecosystem to transact ticket sales via AMI Tokens. 

The sellers will receive payments in AMI tokens in their account and the buyers will need AMI tokens to buy the tickets.All ticket sales will be finalized the same day of the purchase as the blockchain confirms transactions within minutes. This means you don’t have to wait for the payments to be sent from your bank to the ticket holder.

  • Mission : To solve two of the biggest pain points in the second ticket re-sale industry .
  • Transaction Fee: The platform will be used to sell tickets and buy tickets at the cost listed.Although the seller is able to sell their tickets online, the buyer still needs to pay for the ticket, platform fee and a transaction fee that is charged by their bank. 
  • The AMICORUM.LIVE platform will take away this pain from the buyers and provide a seamless experience free from any transaction fee or bank fee. 
  • Untrusted/Counterfeit : Despite the usual warnings on the website asking buyers to only buy tickets from the box office or a reputable ticket exchange website, they still direly go straight into this problem. And even fuel it. The most usual case is when the same ticket is sold to 10–15 enthusiasts or even more. The first ticket holder to arrive, gets to view the event or attend the concert/festival and the rest have to just go back home. 

AMICORUM.LIVE is a platform for the people, by the people and of the people. The platform will be powered by AMI Tokens. The ERC20 compatible token will be the only Utility tokens that will be used on the platform for sale and purchase of tickets in the secondary re-sale market. The tokenization model focuses on real time conversion of ticket price into AMI Tokens (value from exchange) and usage by both buyers and sellers. 

 Steps of process:

  • The seller will list the tickets on the AMICORUM.LIVE platform
  • This platform will change the ticket fee to represent AMI Token value
  • Buyers will review and confirm ticket purchases in exchange for tokens
  • Transactions confirmed through the network and transaction information are listed in both Seller and Buyer accounts.
  • The seller receives the full amount in his corresponding wallet address without any deductions (in Token AMI)
  • The buyer receives a ticket after the transaction is confirmed and registered in the block.


Token Generation - 50,000,000


Total Supply – 40,000,000

Soft Cap - $3M USD

Hard Cap – $20M USD 

PRE ICO - 20% bonus tokens

Crowd Sale - 10% Bonus

Tokens Minimum Token Cap – 100 AMI Tokens.

Who Is Behind Amicorum?

The team is run by Adrian Arora, he is the main founder and investor. There are five other people who are also on the team and ready to help move the project forward. They have no links to the social profiles of the people, so it’s going to be hard to verify who they are. They also have no information about the location of the headquarters on the company. Both of these are considered to be red-flags and turn the opportunity into a high-risk investment. 



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