A combination of eCommerce platform, digital wallet, and tokenized reward mechanism

KartBlock is an online marketing platform where owners of different product can make placement of their various products for the reach of customers or consumers can access different product of their choice, place order, make payment and get them delivered at their door post, this form of online marketing has its own peculiarities that is devoid of fraudlent attitude either from the seller or the buyer, delay in service delivery and all forms of negative incidents.

Rather it sort to give her customers the satisfaction and confidence in marketing with incentives for every referral, purchase of their token and a lot of goodies there after as displayed below.


The Decentralis / Blockchain ecosystem is a technology layer of the Kart Block ecosystem. This layer will be supported by the Ethereum blockchain network and the original token will become the standard ERC20 token. This layer will handle and record payments, transactions, smart contracts, data verification, etc. Through Hyperledger.

Kart block ecosystem can be divided into two part:

  • Centralized Ecosystem: The centralized layer of Kart Block ecosystem will govern its Android & iOS app, and its website. This layer will run over the base layer, i.e., blockchain layer. For proper functioning, maintenance, and updating of these interface systems, they are kept under the company’s control, and open-ended development will be allowed in the future.
  • Decentralized/Blockchain Ecosystem: This will be core-soul technology layer of Kart Block ecosystem. This layer will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain network and native tokens will be standard ERC20 tokens. This layer will handle and record the payments, transactions, smart contracts, data verification, etc. through Hyperledger.

Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain technology has begun to change the appearance of the Internet and our online interactions. The global e-commerce industry of today has allowed the exponential growth of the business and offers many opportunities to users around the world. But it is necessary to overcome certain challenges as the online economy becomes saturated and the real economic drivers (traders and customers) are deprived of the fair value of their contributions.

The Kart Block ecosystem is essentially a combination of e-commerce platforms, digital wallets and Tokenized gift mechanisms. The simple yet powerful idea behind this ecosystem directly rewards customers for their valuable contribution to the Kart Block platform, without the need for intermediaries.

  • Token symbol: KART
  • Smart contract: Ethereum ERC 20
  • Token type: Utility
  • Token price: 1 ETH for 14,925 KART + applicable bonus
  • Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH
  • Hard cap: 26,800 ETH
  • Token supply: 1 billion in two phases
  • ICO status: Private sale live with 60% bonus

ERC20 type tokens are deemed as Blockchain assets that possess value, and can be used for trade, transactions and investment like any other digital currency. Therefore, with the Kart Block token, the user can hold it, trade other currencies and assets with it or use it for transactions to purchase any other entity via the Kart Block platform.

For more information, please visit:

Website: [http://kartblock.io/]

Whitepaper: [http://kartblock.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/kartblock-final.pdf]

ANN Thread: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4674179.0]

Telegram: [https://t.me/kartblock_Community]

Medium: [https://medium.com/@kartblock.online]

Twitter: [https://twitter.com/KartBlock]

LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/kart-block]

Reddit: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Kartblock/]

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