4NEW is a new project that is leading the world to a updated waste to energy treatment facility. The product 4NEW itself consists of two parts, solving social problems, energy shortfall and waste surplus – they are determined to integrate block chains and provide a solution for Waste to energy that works.
The platform uses the treatment framework covers the whole supply chain, starting from the collection of accumulated waste, to the generation of the electricity, then to sale of energy units to the national grid. The energy units can also cross between consumers and industry associates for flexibility.

The problems faced and solutions provided

Since the 1970's one of the major problems of the world includes general waste management. Due to the industrial revolution, growing population and its demands, and the problem of limited resources, manufacturing of goods have noticed a high. This has, in turn, led to the disposal of these products by the world population into landfills. However, with the growing population also came a growing demand for land. As a result, setting up landfills for all our waste is not a long-term viable solution.

According to 4NEW's whitepaper, the world population is estimated to grow to 10 billion by 2050, thanks to the improving healthcare. However, it is important to understand that the planet will not have sufficient resources, infrastructure or solutions available to solve the burdens of this increasing population.

With the 4NEW project, a much-needed solution can be implemented. The main idea is to have the blockchain technology built on top of the underlying treatment infrastructure, covering the entire supply chain from the collection of waste generation to sale of energy units to the national grid or between consumers and industry peers. This will even help them to support the energy consumption costs and will help make it a profitable endeavor.

Structured 4NEW system includes:

Token Sale Info:

Ticker: FRNC
Distributed in ICO: 75%
Token Type: ERC20
Accepts: ETH
Soft Cap Achieved! Over $43.3M Raised
Hard Cap: 75 M
ICO Token Price: 1 ETH = 170 FRNC

  • June 23 - July 6: 50% Bonus
  • July 7 - July 20: 30% Bonus
  • July 21 - August 10 25% Bonus

Offering Highlights

1 KWATT Coin embodies within it 1 Kilowatt Hour of electrical output generated by the plant.

Token Supply
Our total token supply is 300 Million based on the annual output capacity of projected plant sites.

Two Operational Power Plants
With two operational power plants secured, 4NEW is poised to activate ecosystem, Q3 2018.

Electric Output
Current electrical output capacity between two plants combined at launch is 10 megawatts per hour.

Unsold Tokens
Any unsold tokens will be burnt and any future growth in output capacity will be pegged to the circulating supply of tokens.

Insider Tokens Restricted
Insider held tokens are restricted until Jan 2019.

Mining Farm
With an onsite crypto-mining farm, the KWATT coin will be able to accurately measure and track electrical consumption of cryptocurrency mining operations.

Mining Capacity
10 Megawatts per hour of electrical output can support up to 360 billion gigahashes/hr in mining capacity.


DEC 2015
Plant 1: Construction Begins

SEP 2016
Plant 2: Construction Begins

MAR 2017
Plant 1: Complete

OCT 2017
Plant 2: Complete

OCT 2017
Pre-Sale: Round 1 Launch of KWATT

NOV 2017
Closing the Pre-Sale
Round 1

DEC 2017
Closing the Pre-Sale
Round 2

Initiate planning on 3rd plant site
Complete setup and initiate operations of first mining rigs onsite
Launch power plant integration with mining rigs
Complete KYC and 4new blockchain development and integration

Rigs with functional capacity of power plant

Initiate scale up logistics of power output and performance of mining rigs onsite, achieving full plant capacity

Initiate build out of 3rd facility and global expansion plan


More information please visit the link below:

Website: https://4new.io/
Whitepaper: https://4new.co.uk/4new_whitepaper.pdf
Lightweight: https://4new.co.uk/4new_lightpaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4newcoin
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaShD0BaK_qRCzBiqokyOFQ
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/4new
Medium: https://medium.com/@4newcoin
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/4NEW/
Github: https://github.com/muditgrover/4new-crowdsale
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1706807

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