When crypto coinage was first introduced in 2010, the major encounter that stared its face was the juxtaposition whether the industry will see the well-lit of the day because of refusal of the system to not follow conservative system of exchanging and transacting currency by hitherto centralized institutions. Some even maintained that the industry was a scam by few greedy online networkers to prove their technical and intellectual dexterity in a rather exploitative method. In a twist of events, the industry have grown exponentially over the past few years with more participants indicating interest to take part in this new ‘Technology Market’. At present, the crypto currency market is buffingsturdier as the day goes by except for some few issues that has militated against the system, even if stakeholders are working mind-numbingly to eliminate such issues. A first timer in the crypto currency industry will definitely have issues with strong volatility of cryptocurrencies rates which outwardly by implication leads to losses of investments and the capital or to the missed profit. In most circumstances, the investor may not have the time to follow up the crypto currency market and Ethereum Blockchain exchange.One of the missing link is that we still need certain centers of interaction between users for selling, buying or exchanging currencies. We need this because we do not have enough liquidity of the cryptocurrency and because of technical and organizational problems of creating decentralized trading platforms.This challenge navigated me to discover, a decentralized platform that aims to tackle the challenge once and for all.

The Multi Bot Platform is working to help participants simplify transaction routes, get notifications, market opportunities and best investment options. The platform is also at work to have a scheme where investors in the crypto currency industry will have full access and up-dates on the day-to-day happenings of the market in a bid to help participants make the best use of opportunities presented in the currency market at large. This will be done without contrast to the systemization of the industry which is believe to be at the best interest of the investors and participants, all things been equal. To get more background on the functionalities of the platform, download ‘WHITE PAPER’ at
To give an overview of the working template of the platform, the illustrations below gives an idea.
In a bid to takeoff, develop and promote the project, Multi Bot is organizing a crowd raising event. The token used in the platform for such transactions and commencements is the MBT Investment tokens built in accompaniment with the standard ERC20 and Smart contract is tailored on the Ethereum Blockchain.50% of active shared MBT tokens will be shared to participants. 25, 000, 000 MBT tokens have been issued as total supply with a fixed price of $1 USD and will be distributed on 95% to users, 3% founders and 2% bounty basis as described in the illustration underneath.
Bonuses are explained using the illustration below.
ICO is LIVE now! It will stop in the next 7 days from now. 1504 participants have joined with 599, 822 MBT already gotten. I too, have joined the league of the next generation of crypto currency mega investors!!

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