Blockchain technology has become a solution provider for business which offers fast and secure online transactions and online transfers for any cryptocurrency or other data. The solution envion provides has all the necessary competitive advantages, follows a decentralized approach and provides voting rights for an experience that has been under pressure from the concentration of mining power, is on the very edge of it all long with the crypto-community. Visit Envion website https://www.envion.org/en/ to see technology in action by Envion. The usefulness attributed to the balance of energy mindfulness and the need to fix it is so paramount on the Envion platform. The Envion platform via the blockchain is functionally clear and precise on the crypto mall. The platform is designed and created as a framework in meeting the needs of energy fixing. This explains and functionally makes it highly leverage profitable through a hosted mobile sequence built on an infrastructure and of modular CSC containers. This establishes and decentralized the place of energy sources. it is highly optimal on the energy generation prodigy with a global crypto mining structure. The whitepaper explained the project https://www.envion.org/en/download/envion_whitepaper.pdf

                ENVION’S GOALS

The main goals for the envion software are reliability, modularity, maintainability and security. The envion platform is built on numerous functional attributes that makes its functionality possible. it offers this attributes on a more functional and sequence such as a processed mobile platform that is extremely made from a high engineered mobile mining solution that makes it clearly unique as it is hosted through the CSC containers. This containers are functionally made to work via plug and play sequence. This attribute functions through an energy source. it maintains this trait for all users to explores on the Envion. The Envion platform offers also very cheap amount of free energy local capacities. This provides and offers the placement of monetize token process. The Envion offers cheap energy in a priceless manner. Furthermore, Envion provides limitless remotely maintained cutting edge technology in a decentralized system that is accessed through a very high speed network. This provides also a patented cooling sequence such that all cooling system provides a high level cooling system in general. it also provides and makes it possible for all the attributes on Envion to function on a maximal scale. See the whitepaper for full details https://www.envion.org/en/download/envion_whitepaper.pdf



The Envion platform functions as an instrument and crypto currency platform in solving the issues and challenges associated with the traditional power generation process. The win-win approach functions as Envion pays power plant to use the local overcapacities for a minimal reduction to local regulations. The platform thus enhances and provides the usefulness of mining and making sure all mining operations are regulated in bringing all form of peace and stability on the blockchain technology paradigm further uses the plug and play that creates the balance of automatic start ups and autonomous provision of vast mining power on the blockchain. it also establishes, the place of independent via the mobility of super mobile deployment that arguably provides immunity from all class of authorities. Thus, Envion also functions optimally through the high compatibility of its hardwares on the platform. This makes the platform functions on a very scalable manner and provides this through a vast network of interchangeable hardwares. This enables the affordability and use of Envion generally by users. it also plays the role of all form of profit growth and leverage. This enables the Envion team to enhance payout through its mining process in an annual fashion. it provides the placement of sequence that ensures financial rewards and reliability.


Envion mining-units are indefinitely scalable due to efficient, available, low-cost hardware. Our decentralized concept allows an unprecedented usage of small- to mid-sized power hubs.
Envion are the only global mining operation that are not affected by issues like energy price spikes, hardware shortages, governmental issues or fixed, stationary locations. We fight centralization. We have access to the world’s lowest priced energy sources. We create access to the smallest free transformer/inverter stations on the planet.


The Envion platfrom functions in a simple manner that provides the sequence on a yearly purposes. The first year offers $80,500, second year- $112,901, 3rd year- $158,344,4th year- $222,077 and fifth year at $311,463. The profit margin of $50,000 investment is approximately a whopping 161% per annum. This is the projection as at the time investment of $50,000 via the Envion crytpo blockchain technology paradigm. The Envion mandates and modifies its reliance and prospect on the space function of all creative users in investing.

         PRE-SALE & ICO IS LIVE @ https://www.envion.org/en/ico/

The presale has ended on the 6th of January 2018 the Envion Token ICO is ongoing and will last till the 14th of January 2018, for all users to purchases tokens limitlessly. This also means to enjoy the best possible placement of bonuses via token sale in ICO. The platform is set for all amount of purchases. This explains the high rate of financial leveraging and profit increase that its users can enjoy. It is the Envion for energy crypto blockchain solutions.


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Official Website: https://www.envion.org/en/
Whitepaper: https://www.envion.org/en/download/envion_whitepaper.pdf
Official Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2348435
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/envion.org
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Envion_org

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