DeStream is a platform that can solve all the problems of the streaming market


The world is changing every day and replace the old professions come new, such as e-sports, video bloggers streamers and a number of others. One of these professions will be discussed in this article, namely streamers. The work of a person involved in the broadcast of video games and other interesting materials, often takes a whole day. At the same time, the income received by streamers often depends on several factors – advertising, the number of subscribers to the channel, promotion and, of course, donations from subscribers.

As practice shows, most streamers are gamers engaged in broadcasting games. However, the stream also involved musicians, writers, scientists, artists and athletes who also have an audience of fans. For the creation of interesting content, each streamer can get a reward from other people.for example, one of the viewers from the UAE under the nickname "Motar2k" paid more than 50 thousand dollars in support of streamers. Such donations are a kind of gratitude and support for the creation of new interesting content.

At the same time, both grateful viewers and streamers themselves meet with a number of problems and shortcomings in the implementation of transfers and withdrawals, which include:

  • a high level Commission;
  • the complexity of withdrawal due to the large number of wallets and different currencies;
  • the low level of transaction security;
  • inefficient distribution of advertising budget.

All the above drawbacks will be solved by the new DeStream platform.

Project objective

The main goal of the developers is to create a decentralized platform for streamers, which can significantly increase the efficiency of their activities and diversify it. In addition, the developers intend to exclude payment systems from the process, thereby increasing the income level of streamers, which will allow them to focus on creating quality content, rather than on performing financial transactions.


Principle of operation

This platform will use innovative Blockchain technology, which allows to decentralize the market and reduce the size of transaction fees. Due to decentralization and the use of cryptocurrency, it will be possible to exclude the use of a number of payment systems, which will allow content creators to focus on their activities. Thanks to a single gateway for cryptocurrency adoption, streamers will be able to transfer and convert funds into the most convenient currency for them.

In addition, smart contracts will be used to ensure the integrity of transactions and allow viewers to track their transaction and be sure that the streamer used the donated funds for the intended purpose.

For interaction between viewers and streamers will be created special tools located in the marketplace, developed by streamers and psychologists. Paying for the use of a particular tool, the viewer will be able to interact directly with the streamer and ask him to perform an action.

Thus obtained means streamers can be used for:

  • the development of your own channel;
  • visual interface upgrade;
  • conducting surveys among the audience;
    equipment modernization;
  • Internet and electricity bill payments;
  • in-game item purchases;
  • attracting new audiences;
  • purchase items for viewers in the marketplace.

The platform will also feature an analytical system that can be used by advertisers. With this tool, they will be able to choose the most successful streamer with an audience interested in purchasing their products.


Over time, the DeStream platform will be integrated not only into Twitch, but also into YouTube and other media platforms with live streaming capabilities. Funds coming from these platforms to the streamer's account will be automatically converted into cryptocurrency and stored in the wallet.


The main currency of the platform will be DST coins, which can be purchased during the ICO.

Dates and details ICO

As part of the ICO, the developers plan to release 6 billion coins, of which 3.6 billion will be sold. The official sale is held from August 1 to September 30 this year.

The value of DST is 1 0.006 dollar.

Softcap project - $ 5.5 million, hardcap - $ 12 million.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:



Given the growing popularity of streamers and online broadcasts, creating a platform that solves the problems of this market is very interesting and timely. The DeStream platform will provide a number of advantages to all its participants:

  • viewers will be able to interact directly with streamers and monitor the movement of their donations;
  • streamers will be able to focus on content by maximizing their revenue;
  • advertisers will get the most effective advertising with minimal costs.

All this will attract a huge audience, which will provide an increase in the value of coins. In this regard, investing in the project at an early stage can bring an impressive income.

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