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Each of us has a favorite city or city where we grew up or where we live now. In fact, there is no big difference in them, except in the number of residents, its location and urban infrastructure. Walking through the streets we meet a huge number of shop Windows, boutiques, bars, cafes and restaurants. All this together forms the economy of the city. It's hard to imagine what our cities would look like without all this in them.

But despite all this diversity, most small and medium-sized businesses are experiencing enormous difficulties. Because of the great competition, many institutions are closed. Others resort to various kinds of marketing tricks, invest incredible money in the advertising budget, and it does not give the result for which this or that advertising company was launched.

Other shops and institutions are beginning to actively use social networks and e-Commerce to attract new customers. Most of them are trying to set up advertisements, allocating a decent budget. But as practice shows, the time of social "viral" advertising comes to naught. People are tired of these Intrusive ads, which sometimes through dibs aggressively begin to haunt us on the Internet. As a rule, a person who is tired of blocking any kind of advertising or marks it as spam.

As a result, entrepreneurs spend a lot of money just for the wind, as their advertising does not produce a proper response. But fortunately, the progress does not stand still and advanced guys have seen an opportunity to change the situation, new and more advanced way.

About the project
I bring to your attention a new decentralized project called – VANM. This project is an advertising platform of a new generation, where the concept is based on P2P relationships between users and an additional algorithm of earnings from the advertising company. The VANM platform is only available as a mobile application, because it is more focused on the socially modern person, who has a phone always at hand.

The main objective of the project is to develop small and medium-sized businesses through the introduction of the most effective and affordable advertising, which contributes to the further increase of potential customers. To do this, a team of specialists has developed a special algorithm of actions using P2P communication.

Why P2P?
In fact, this type of communication we use and meet with you constantly, or even daily. We used to share various recommendations with each other through social networks. Where to go, where to visit. Many experts argue that this kind of "advertising", in simple words, the recommendation works several dozen times stronger than a regular ad.

All this depends on the degree of confidence in the person from whom you get the same recommendation. The higher it is, the more likely you are to take advantage of his offer to buy yourself something or go somewhere. That is why this type of advertising is considered to be the most powerful and effective.

Design feature
It is important to note that the developers approached the creation of the application very responsibly, so the interface of VANM turned out to be as simple as possible, but very beautiful. There is nothing superfluous in the navigation there are only a few buttons that allow you to easily navigate from one section to another. The application itself will be a kind of social tape which will be collected all the most interesting advertising offers around the user, the radius and location it can adjust independently, which makes the platform lively and dynamic.

At the same time, each ad will have a price that can indicate the number of VANM tokens available for payment. And to ensure that all payment transactions are carried out quickly and with minimal costs, the developers of VANM have created their own wallet, which is automatically already implemented in a decentralized application.

And to complement all these elements intends to social section where all users can communicate with each other, share feedback and impressions. Moreover, here they will be able not only to earn additional tokens for viewing advertising, but also to promote any other brands through the broadcast of their lifestyle. In General, everything that we are so used to.

The details of the ICO
In order for the application to work with high quality and uninterrupted, the developers of VANM decided to use the latest technologies of the 21st century, so their choice was based on the already well-established blockchain technology and tokens of the ERC-20 standard. The public sale of coins will be carried out with the help of smart contracts, so that all the funds collected will go to the development of the beta version of the project, the wallet and all its components available in the future for mobile devices. The next round intends to replenish liquidity reserves and continue the further stage of development of the VANM project. What I think is very convenient and correct!

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

Given the existing problems and the lack of additional services and projects in the market, ready to help small and medium-sized businesses, we can safely say that VANM will find its consumer and will prove itself from the best side. But again, since the project is still at the stage of development, it will take more than one month to gain momentum.

Therefore, if you believe in the bright concept of the project VANM, I recommend you to take an active part in its development. Since the advantages of this project is really a lot, moreover, they generously intend to give their users for their activities, distributing almost 50% of the income from advertising companies.

But in order to weigh the pros and cons, I recommend that you continue to study this project in more detail. To do this, at the end of my review, you will find links to all the necessary resources. Good luck!

Official resources of the VANM project:


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