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Wherever you are and wherever you live, human health is probably the most valuable resource in everyone's life, regardless of age and gender. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and successful. But not always and at all it turns out. After all, the key factors of good health are the right habits, daily activity, healthy sleep and a balanced diet.

But as practice shows, modern man rarely pays attention to all these indicators, unless of course this has not contributed to any obvious deviations in the form of manifested diseases and other physical ailments. Of course, after such conclusions people begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, move more, eat right, have a good and quality rest. But, again, how long will they do it? To see how well they will do?

Of course, for this now there is a large number of mobile and other smart devices that help to track the number of calories consumed, the number of steps, hours of sleep and so on. But, again, the question arises, in addition to practical functions, what other positive characteristics they should have in order to once again stimulate society to maintain its own health.

And today we will talk, just the same about this method of motivation, which was developed by a talented team of specialists.

About the project
The project, the idea of which we will now consider, is called – MHEALTHCOIN. MHEALTHCOIN – is a set of modern technologies and its practical manifestations in the form of smart devices equipped with all the necessary functions to maintain human health and motivation to monitor it. To understand decipher all of the above a little more. MHEALTHCOIN is a new smart device that is designed to encourage a person to monitor their health, through built-in rewards system, expressed in the form of a token.

I think you all know that a person is much more pleased to perform any action, receiving in return some nice bonus – encouragement. The team MHEALTHCOIN decided to use this method of motivation and your project, at the same time stimulate the health of the whole society due to new technology and related cryptocurrency coins.

Advantages and features
It is important to note that the devices offered by MHEALTHCOIN are an improved version of all existing wearable smart devices. Since they are able to analyze, collect and structure a huge amount of data from its owner. With them you can not only count the steps and calories, but also to monitor their burning, both during his wakefulness and during sleep. Moreover, for each burned calories you can receive internal tokens, which in the future you will be able to dispose of at your own discretion. I think it is very convenient and very unusual. Moreover, MHEALTHCOIN will cooperate with a huge number of sports and Wellness centers, healthy and proper nutrition stores, as well as a bunch of other sports brands ready to offer their goods and services in return for an internal token.

That is, let's sum up a certain logical thought. You use MHEALTHCOIN to lead a healthy lifestyle, observe the activity necessary for your body, consume and burn calories, in return you receive internal tokens that you can spend on any goods and services provided by MHEALTHCOIN partners. In one word beauty! Moreover, all the data received from users will be securely stored in the unchanged database of blocks of the blockchain network, which will exclude their further theft or loss.

Dates and details of the ICO
As for the internal token (MHEC), it is also developed, like most other coins based on the Ethereum blockchain, the ERC-20 standard. In total, the developers will release 6 billion coins for the development of their project.

The distribution of tokens as a percentage will be as follows:

You can buy these tokens in any convenient currency (BTC or ETH). In total, during the sales, the founders intend to collect the amount of investment necessary for the further development and launch of the project. This amount is expressed in the amount of us $ 25,000,000. It is important to note that the official sale of coins started on March 1, 2019 and will last until June 30, 2019.

Of course, in addition to the practical benefits for the user, the MHEALTHCOIN project is able to provide timely detection of any physical abnormalities in the health of each person. At what to identify it at the earliest stages, preventing the development of this disease in a deeper form of manifestation. Thus, MHEALTHCOIN carries only the best characteristics that allow us not only to monitor our health, but also to acquire useful things for our correct habits and physical activity.

To be honest, I would already look forward to the launch of this platform, since I have long been looking for a similar smart device that will contribute to my correct habits. And the presence of such additions, as in MHEALTHCOIN, will make it even better and more pleasant. But, again, friends do not forget about the risks associated with any ICO projects and before taking part in them, I recommend that you study the project up and down, to personally verify its serious intentions and all other aspects. Resources where you can get only the most useful and official information, you have long been waiting at the bottom. That's it for me today, until next time and good luck!



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