The power of viralization in social networks

 It's scary how they viralize on social networks, situations like rebellions, marches, hate crimes and other abuses. It's not positioning against marches, but it's how they happen, what their real intentions are, and who's participating. What has been seen in Brazil, at least, is that what could be a legitimate and organized claim, becomes a moment of destruction of public patrimony and savagery. Not all do evil now, but there are masked people who practice these acts and undermine the real intention of the movement. And this situation goes to social networks and, instead, people refute this kind of attitude, it seems that they give more force so that they happen the same way or worse. 

 In relation to the other situations mentioned above, it is that we see a rebellion happen in a prison and it is already happening in several prisons. What this means? The news arrives fast everywhere and seems to serve as an example to do the same and see what will happen. Discrimination, prejudice, and sexual abuse, then we do not even talk! We have seen in the media cases of actresses and famous people denouncing racist abuses and attitudes. After registering on social networks, other cases begin to appear. 

 So, it is not known if social networks set an example or people decide to report after someone who did! So, what is the role of social networks? Fun, giving good examples, being a mouthpiece of diverse cultures and communication should be valued and practiced in social networks. 

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