Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple and other cryptos lose nearly $700

What's going on with Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrency?

The price of cryptocurrency is sinking day by day. On January 2018 when cryptocurrency market touched it's peak and the total market cap of virtual currency was about $835 billion, there is a continuous downfall in virtual currency price. Now, the total market cap of cryptocurrency is $138 billion which is very small in the comparison of January 2018.

What does it mean or sounds?

Is cryptocurrency dying?

Is the bubble popped?

Bitcoin loss almost 80% after setting it's ATH on January 2018 which is almost $20000. Now Bitcoin is struggling maintenaning it's resistance about $4500.


All this stuff is happening with other virtual currency too. Etherium also loss it's about 80% and the price is now $124. All alt coins are testing it's All Time Low after January 2018. The coins ate back it's January 2017 price.

What does it indicates?

Are we seeing the bottom?
Is another bull run coming like January 2018 ?

Only time could show what move cryptocurrency market takes. If the great cryptocurrency crash of 2018 is headed for its worst and Bitcoin run down toward $3,000, this thing is going to be a monster. Most of the invester become insolvent.

But in the other hand we can't assume that the Bitcoin is going to die. Just because it is knocked down it doesn't mean the game is over.

So what's going on we just have to wait and watch. Time will reveal everything. Just hope for the best.

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