AERGO announces itself as “the blockchain gas for self sustaining firms” and proposes to be a 4th generation “corporation competent” blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that aims to disrupt the IT enterprise as a entire.


AERGO pursuits to permit organizations and builders to design, construct and set up their possess blockchain purposes inside the cloud,

AERGO platform is constituted of 3 fundamental accessories:


the general public internet of blockchains so they can feature an SQL-headquartered shrewd contracts platform with performance potentially exceeding 1 million transactions per second utilising sidechain technological know-how.


the general public interface of AERGO Chain with the intention to allow builders to build, scan, set up and manage unbiased blockchains. AERGO Hub is essentially an online-centered blockchain web hosting provider that provides more than a few instruments and services, and connects cozy dApps utilising AERGO Chain.

AERGO marketplace

A peer-to-peer market for software purposes and computing assets equivalent to storage, computing vigor, algorithms, contents, and many others.. For AERGO Chain.

Roadmap :

Q3 2018

AERGO Chain Alpha
this fall 2018

AERGO Chain scan network
Q1 2019

AERGO Public network (main web)
this autumn 2019

AERGO Hub & marketplace for companies and developers

opponents’ valuations:

RChain, valued $266M.
Dragonchain, valued $78M.
SofiaTX, valued $35M.
Unibright, raised 13.5M.

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