Making Friends In Russia to Avoid the Coldwar

Personally, I would be interested in making Russian friends who speak English.  I am in the USA and I find the tension between our Nations upsetting.  

It would be interesting to know more about your country, your politics, and your views.  If you are interesting in conversations regarding our cultures, please follow me and comment.

Friends are universal.

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I feel the same way, I'm really interested in learning more Russian culture and views.

I'm in Australia and we get very little information about Russia from our local media , and what we do hear is heavily biased against Russia and Putin. I just want the truth :)

19.10.2016 02:28

Agreed, we get very negative feedback on Putin too. I thought he seemed kind of likable at the Olympics, so I don't buy into all of the news.

19.10.2016 02:45

I don't believe any of the mainstream news I hear about Russia anymore , Putin seems like a badass

19.10.2016 03:07

Guys there are news sites that provide the truth but they become less day after day. They are not in English. Tensions are politicians' ways to achieve some goals. We people just want to live and feel and tfavel a lot :)

19.10.2016 05:22

I would like go to Australia

19.10.2016 12:12

Me too!

21.10.2016 01:57

Thanks whatsup! You are welcome! It looks like politicians around the world went crazy. They are playing their own games of realpolitik as if we are still at the beginning of the 20th centure. At the same time a clock is ticking and we have less and less time to move to the next level and start thinking of ourselves as citizens of Earth taking responsability for everything that we do here and joining efforts to shape the best possible future for a human being.

19.10.2016 12:31

Correct. I think as "real people" we should get to know each other, because in the end, I bet we want the same thing.

20.10.2016 01:06

In my honest opinion, Russia should have a constitutional monarchy government like the U.K. so it would have strongman like the Czar it would look up to but with no real power (no more Stalins and Putins to send activists to the Gulag) and real power rests with a free Parliament.

19.10.2016 15:59

Exactly why I want to make friends online, so we can discuss these ideas.

20.10.2016 01:08

Nice to see some familiar faces here. I thought I would also pop in and say hello using Google Translate. I hope I haven't insulted anyone by accident lol.

19.10.2016 22:37

Hey, Agreed. :) nice to see you.

20.10.2016 02:36

Есть еще такая страна как УКРАИНА она сосед РОССИИ. Читайте больше новостей из Украины. И у Вас будут более широкие взгляды. А если интересно о Украине задавайте вопросы. Расскажу.

20.10.2016 05:42