Vantum is a blockchain based project which initially aims to develop the current corporate reward loyalty systems, gaming and education systems. Vantum will consist of a tiered-masternode system which will process three different Masternodes which are: content nodes for file storage, Storage nodes for backup file servers for digital downloads and premium nodes to get the block rewards. Vantum is providing the benefits of master nodes to the DApp developers so that they can create a valuable DApp.

Benefits of Masternodes:

Masternodes brings in more functionality to the network which is not possible to get using Proof of Work blockchain. Building DApp on Masternodes will prevent manipulation by a central authority, network congestion and a variety of denial of service type attacks.
Vantum consist of the tiered masternode system in the Vantum network as mentioned earlier which are content nodes, storage nodes, standard nodes and premium nodes. Standard and premium nodes will maintain a copy of the decentralized ledger and thus will provide more security and stability to the Vantum network.

Challenges Faced Today:

• Though blockchain has many features like transparency, secure, faster, cheaper etc but still the cryptocurrency has not been adopted by most of the people today. The reason behind this is the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and its complex nature which makes a common man difficult to understand it.
• Loyalty rewards are given to the customers when they carry out certain activity like buying a certain product. However, the current loyalty systems are facing problems as they have high operational cost. Due to this, merchants develop loyalty programs which do not satisfy the customers. The customers do not get flexibility in using the loyalty points at multiple outlets and thus they are restricted to use the points in the same store from where they received it.

The Solution: VantX

VantX is the first decentralized application which is built on Vantum network. VantX will help small and large businesses to interact with their customers more effectively. VantX is focussing on to solve the current problems which persists in the corporate rewards and loyalty reward systems. Retailers will be able to create their own tokens on this platform. The platform also allows the retailers to capture their own market by selling the tokens in their store or via app. The retailers can also initiate bounties, campaigns and surveys to reward tokens to their customers. The VantX platform will charge low operational fees to the retailers which will help them to retain the customers by creating an effective loyalty system.

Customers also get flexibility as they can now transfer their reward tokens to anybody over the platform. They will get rewards for participating in bounties, competitions and promotions offered by retailers. They will get security and privacy for their data.

Token Matrix:

Token – VNT
Total Supply – 21 Million VNT
Price – 0.00166 ETH
Soft Cap – 2000ETH
Hard Cap – TBA
Pre-Sale – 15th to 31st August 2018
Crowd Sale – 1st September to 1st October 2018


• The website of this project is very informative and explains well about the project
• The whitepaper consists of detailed information about the project.
• The project has partnered with POSTTECH DIRECT and Capgemini.

• The project has low social media hype as it has around 700+ followers on Twitter and around 900+ members on Telegram.
• The information about the team members and advisors is not yet been displayed on the website.
• The MVP of this project is not yet available.

ANN Thread:

BTT Username: wellni
BTT URL:;u=988093
MEW: 0x112B9D8875ee0B48269645706c949673885F693d

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