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TOKOIN PLATFORM: Boosting the Growth of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Globally


MSME’s as we all are aware stands for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and we cannot just underrate their existence and importance in the global economy. Although being faced with so many threatening challenges, still the extinction of this aspect of the world economy is conspicuously going to be disastrous because they are responsible for occupying 90% of the world’s registered businesses, hence when talking in terms of production, exports, job creation ad bridging of income gaps, we definitely cannot underrate the importance of this industry.

The Problems
Lack of financial support for start-ups: As it’s a common feature of all MSME’s that they lack strong financial support, collaterals and also enough cash inflow, this makes them unqualified to get loan from banks and
Inability to maximize data usage effectively: Data being generated by most MSMEs are supposed to be used effectively for the development of the business but most MSMEs don’t even understand these data, talk-less of maximizing its effective usage.
Introducing the Solution: Tokoin
This is a blockchain based platform that is dedicated towards the creation of a trusted and reputable profile for MSMEs which will be made possible by assembling the business non-financial data into a digital identity.


Also, the problem of financial support by start us MSME’s will be eliminated by building the business reputation by utilizing the information data recorded in the blockchain network which has already been verified, this valuable data can be used by businesses as a leverage to meet up with lending requirements, hence, getting access to financial services needed for the business growth.


Lastly, Tokoin plans to bring business partnership for MSMEs through its partnership with various institutions. With this in place, then MSMEs can easily build their reputation and credibility since their behavior is being monitored by the platform to provide a requirement for their partnership with financial institutions.

The Modus Operandi of Getting Digital Identity on Tokoin
A business account is created on Tokoin’s App by MSMEs’
A KYC is done by Tokoin team to verify the profile being submitted by an MSMEs’
An official business identity is earned from Tokoin immediately KYC gets successful
This business identity can then be used to carry out transactions by MSMEs’ on marketplaces affiliated with Tokoin
Digital ledger can therefore be maintained by MSMEs’ and also create transaction records by doin transactions with their digital business ID.
What’s in it for Brand and service providers?
They can easily access user’s profile
They are able to see real-time business transactions
They are able to see business reputation and
They can also see affiliate networks.
Toko utility token shall serve as the native token on this platform with shall be used as a form of interaction between participants.

Initially, the token shall be ERC-20 based which will later be converted should the team decide to move to another main-net.
Some other use-cases of the token include;

Form of incentive whenever a participant in the platform submits and validate a transaction data
Serves as pre-requisite for using some services on the platform such as business insights, access to advertisements and transaction data for service providers among several others.
The total supply of the token is 2,000,000,000 TOKO with 700,000,000 TOKO budgeted for token sale in which funds gotten shall be used for the kick-start of the platform.

Conclusively, the passion to greatly improve the growth rate of micro, small and medium enterprises is the sole reason behind the establishment of Tokoin platform, the professionalism and experience of the team with their carefully developed Modus operandi is already pointer to the fact that the platform will eventually succeed in bringing tremendous development to MSMEs in emerging markets, hence the platform should not be missed for anything.

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