Stoby ICO (STB Token): Cryptocurrency Paying Student Job Platform?

What Is Stoby?
STOBY is a connection platform designed for students that are seeking to get an additional income and individuals that want to delegate various daily life tasks so that they can free up their time.

The STOBY platform is described as the reactor core in that it brings together both individuals and students to propose and accept assignments respectively, pay, evaluate the work, and thereby keep a good relationship. It is a real meeting place where each user has his or her profile, preferences, and references. The services of the platform are provided by ALLIANZ, a German insurance company.

The platform has created an online shop called STOBY SHOP on which individuals are given an opportunity to rent or buy products that are related to the services that are available on the platform. STOBY gets payment for each successful service.

How Stoby Cryptocurrency Paying Student Job Platform Works
The moment the student and the individual reach an agreement for a mission, the individual prepays for the mission on the platform. The management of the payment flow is through a trusted third party and it does not go to Stoby's account. Every platform user has an electronic wallet. The money received from the service is paid initially by the individual on their specific wallet and then it is temporarily frozen by the platform. Once the service is complete successfully, as confirmed by the individual, the money paid is then unlocked into the wallet of the student and then STOBY gets its remuneration for the service.

Each of the missions will materialize by the use of a smart contract, which is between the individual and the student. Its execution will automatically generate the payment of the mission. Both the payment and the contract become one on the blockchain. For payments made in STB tokens, the platform commission will be reduced.

The STB token is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Token holders get a variety of advantages that includes no fees on the platform, getting premium services, the highlighting of the individuals to announce to the best students profiles and getting discounts on partner services. Users will buy and rent items on the online shop using the STB tokens as the currency. Payments by use of the tokens results in cheaper transactions and faster delivery on the STOBY SHOP.

Stoby Benefits
Zero Fees
The platform is convenient in such a way that users that own more than 15,000 STBs will not incur any platform fees in their operations, whether they are students or individuals.

Premium Services

Platform users get an advantage in terms of Premium services. If they own more than 7500 STBs, they will be accessible to great premium and exclusive services on the platform that are much beneficial.

Highlighting Jobs
For individuals that pay the students using the STB tokens, they get an advantage in that their service offer is highlighted automatically on the platform hence they get access to the best student profiles faster.

Stoby STB Token ICO Details
Parameters Of The ICO
Token symbol: STB
Token sale date: End of 2018
accepted payment method: ETH
Total Token supply: 25 000 000 STB
Soft Cap: 2 400 000 STB

More Info:
Bitcointalk Profil:;u=1154957
ETH Address:0xd9dAb605feF035659dfbd4238508988297AE4e51

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