PROJECTON - Customer Relationship Management Using Blockchain


Projecton is a Customer relationship Management (CRM) Platform designed to help investors, traders and market professionals develop customer relationships, drive business growth and improve customer loyalty.

Projecton is the future of Customer Relationship Management, because of its decentralized system. Our platform enables businesses to achieve their goals by helping them store huge amounts of data from their respective customers. Projecton assures that every piece of information is safely collected and impossible to be accessed by external abusers.

Projecton decentrailized system key features

Better Transparency
Projecton is decentralized enabling agencies to deal with their clients transparently. Furthermore, there is no need for any “middleman” such as financial organizations or institutions, bringing additional efficiency and velocity in all dealings.

Data Cleansing
Every company has to deal with false or duplicate data at some time of their existence. Projecton gives customers the ability to have a personal Wallet. This Wallet offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to unify and store photos of their private information, past transactions, subscriptions and interactions.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are used to enlarge companies profits by enhancing their customer's experience. With Projecton system, customers can have a single decentralized wallet, compatible with all brands. This wallet doesn't need to be bound by rules and restrictions of individual brands and point redemption is simplified.

Improved protection
All data stored by Projecton will be encrypted and distributed by the chain. Data decentralization disables any hack or manipulation coming from the outside. Projecton is cryptographically secured such that participating customers are assigned network keys so one can restrict unauthorized entry.

Token Information
Token Name: Projecton
Token Symbol: XN35
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Minimum Purchase: 35,000 XN35
Minimum Price: 1 Eth
Token Distribution
Token-sale: %60
Team: %5
Bounty Campaign: %6
Airdrop: %4
Reserve: %25
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Interesting idea! I am sure it will be implemented! Thank you for reviewing the project!

07.04.2019 18:47