Product Protocol Platform fast and smart tokenization engine

Let's be honest with each other. Before 2017 the majority of the population in the world had never heard of the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Even if there are some of them owning it, it's news about fraud, some hobbyists are IT guys or as a way to pay for illegal goods on the black market. But in 2017 this has changed drastically. News about millions of dollars in profits, blockchain-based bank systems, celebrities promoting the ICO - all this has created a paradigm shift in people's thinking.

Technology develops very quickly, and with that they have developed the business. Recently, to be able to create a successful business, simply hire a specialist who can qualify to create your own website. But at this time, where digital assets and Blockchain technology have been used. Therefore, for each owner or company trying to improve its business and use the latest technology for its development, namely Blockchain and smart contracts, which can allow to optimize the production process and reduce costs.

At present, the integration of this technology into existing businesses is a very expensive task, which causes many difficulties and requires a lot of knowledge in this field.

Project objectives

Product Protocol is a source protocol that is open to crowdfunding/crowlending campaigns based on publishing from digital assets, integration with all business processes, fund management, and financial operations.
The Product Protocol has been focused on creating platforms that allow all entrepreneurs to give their asset tokens and raise funds for scaling

Companies about Protocols This product can increase scale even further than before. A universal token for any asset tokensation allows you to instantly create a digital asset and a decentralized market that will enable people from all over the world to buy it.

The Product Protocol can also develop effectively without any limitations. A universal token created on a platform that serves to give any asset token, allows you to make any asset quickly and easily. Thus, a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to get it. In short, the Product Protocol is a fast, unique and intelligent tokenisation machine.

Features of the Product Protocol

Curated Token Registration is a decentralized curated list with intrinsic economic incentives for token holders to curate the list.

Allows users to register their identity, send and request credential data, sign transactions, and securely manage keys and personal data

Smart Escrow
The service network is decentralized, and provides legal and legal compliance based on current regulatory standards

Providing liquidity to digital assets at
PP platform

Research projects and analysis systems for decisions about the next tokenization

Free market where users can trade virtual assets

Companies in the Product Protocol can also improve further than before. The universal token for each asset token allows you to create digital assets instantly and a decentralized market will allow people from all over the world to buy them.

Issuance of extra Virtual Atom Tokens to recognize the least divided standing or resource resources, for example, square meters. The Virtual Token contains open data about the status of asset files. Data depends on data obtained from the Asset through the Asset Monitoring System and is stored in a progressive DASset compartment of virtual Token resources.



30% – marketing and first tokenised products
35% – development and PP coin fund
10% – legal, salary, lawyers
10% – technology support
15% – team


65 000 000 PPO – ICO
15 000 000 PPO – team and associates
15 000 000 PPO – platform support
5 000 000 PPO – marketing and advisors



In summary, decide for yourself what the PRODUCT PROTOCOL PLATFORM is for you. To get acquainted with this project in more detail, I will leave a useful link below. The author is not responsible for any actions taken by the reader after reading this article.

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