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What is KlickZie?
This is said to be the first decentralized image hosting/ownership platform in the cryptocurrency space. They promise that when using KlickZie KLK, you turn all photos into valuable commodities. You can use the platform to unlock a worldwide market that has more than three billion users. The purpose is to allow people to monetize pictures, videos and the social interaction they get.

How Does KlickZie KLK Work?
There are more than 2.5 billion mobile devices that are in use and taking pictures every day. When you use KlickZie KLK, every time you take a picture it is market with hidden code. And it also works as a type of social network.

People who look at pictures on the app, can connect with others using app and looking at the same picture or even the creator of the photo. The platform uses the KLK token, a token that operates on an Ethereum side-chain.

They are verified via proof of ownership. And once people start using the app and platform, they can pretty much buy and sell photos all over the world using the application. The purpose of the app is to allow people to start making money with photos they take as well as to protect photographers and people using the app or involved in the distribution of imagery.

What is the ICO on KlickZie KLK?
The ICO for the platform will start in a little over sixty-seven days. As of now, they are not for purchase. But you can subscribe to the platforms newsletter on the company website and get on the waiting list to find out when the ICO will begin.

Who is Behind KlickZie KLK?
As of now there are six people on the team at Klickzie. The first of whom is the founder and CEO of the company, D. Jon. N. Leonard. He works closely with the other six members to help make the app and platform reliable and unique.

KlickZie KLK Conclusion
If you’re in the business of photography, graphic design or anything that has to do with images, then KlickZie is an ideal platform for you to try out.

Website: https://klickzie.io
Whitepaper: https://klickzie.io/pdf/klk-whitepape...
Telegram: https://t.me/klickzie
Bitcointalk Profil:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1154957
ETH Address:0xd9dAb605feF035659dfbd4238508988297AE4e51

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