What is KitToken?
KitToken is officially registered with the Malaysian government. KitToken will trade on exchanges that are compatible with the SEC, where you can buy and sell them profitably. KitToken can be used with existing point programs. KitToken can be exchanged for crypt and cash. KitToken can also be purchased for items.

How does KitPay work?
KitPay fills as a server that is included in the decentralized blockchain framework associated with settings. KitPay will allow clients to have a wallet that stores, exchanges and exchanges KitToken on every day of worldly monetary training. The KitToken holder benefits from additional usage and valuation for KitToken prices. Finally, by people from the Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get a share of the profits from KitToken Inc.'s business training.

Why does KitToken need a Blockchain?
Payment of payments for crypto currencies and payments for the purchase of smart contracts at KitToken are carried out directly and without intermediary participation in any currency that is appropriate. Intellectual implementation of contracts and blockchain usage makes transactions safe and as fast as possible. An intellectual contract transfers funds to the recipient's account only if the item has reached its destination. Transactional transparency provided by blockchain technology, and KitToken holders will have access to open source statistics with the publication of important indicators of business processes in real-time and dynamic development platforms: purchases, number of active stores and visitors, average amount of income, etc.

KitToken Strategy

Bridging the gap between traders and users
To create a merchant community and users; including providers of goods and services, medical services, air travel and hospitality and education services to receive KitToken as a payment method worth 1.5 trillion. To make Malaysia's first crypto hybrid wallet platform known as Kitpay
Awareness and Recruitment

To create and promote awareness among KitToken Holders through air drop schemes and incentives.
To recruit 1 million regional KitToken holders and facilitate peer to peer transfer of 2.5 trillion rupiah of money
Network benefits and expansion
To create a unique high-value project that will contribute to the kittoken owner's income of 3 to 5% per year
To expand the user's network with aggressive branding and promotion
How does KitPay work?
KitPay functions as a centralized server in a decentralized network infrastructure. KitPay will allow users to have a wallet that stores, transfers, and trades KitToken® in everyday conventional economic activities. KitToken® holders benefit from the use and appreciation of comfortable KitToken® values. In the end, through the Point of Stake (POS) scheme, KitToken® holders receive profit sharing from KitToken® Inc. business activities.

Features of KitToken

Token Information
 Token name: KitToken
 Symbol: KIT
 Decimal: 18
 Cost per token: $ 0.05
 Total Supply: 8 Billion
 For Reserves: 2.5 Billion
 For sale: 3.5 Billion
 Airdrop + Bonus: 2 Billion
 Contract Address: 0x080eB7238031F97Ff011e 273D6CaD5ad0c2dE532

Platform Version and Compiler
Platform: ERC20 (Platform Ethereum)
Compiler Version: v0.4.21 + commit.dfe3193c
Type of token
Utility tokens and are now the target of howey tests.
ICO Information and Pre-sale
Early Bird sales event: July 20 to 25 (70% bonus)
26 to 31 July (50% bonus)
ICO Sales: First Phase -August 1 to 10 (30% Bonus)
2nd - 11th August to 20 (20% Bonus)

Allocation token

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