What Is Blinked?
Blinked is a social media recommendation platform run by a group of qualified individuals, which grants users up to 90 percent of advertising revenue. Members earn the 90 percent revenue by being an active recommender. Your rate of earning will be determined by how engaged you are, and members simply share their favorite things, places, services and anything else that fascinates them. For rewards, members exchange their earnings in the blinked arc ode. In return, members exit with blinked (BLKD) token.

Blinked Blockchain Recommendation Rewards Network Benefits
Join a growing community of over 13,000 subscribers. The platform takes KYC with a lot of seriousness. Those interested in purchasing BLKD token are supposed to submit the requested information for advanced reviewing process, which can last up 48 hours. To uphold your privacy further, the platform confides the submitted information and does not share with any third parties.

The platform requires the information below from members interested in purchasing BLKD token:

Your fast and last name
Email Address
Nation of origin, which should be what appears in your photo identification
Wallet Address to which your BLKD tokens will be sent
Submit a valid photo ID to All documents will be destroyed within 14 days after approval.
To observe an extra measure of security, please submit a photo of you holding your ID to the same link you used to submit your photo ID.
Add telegram address, facebook profile, twitter profile, other social media profile, typical purchase range, and a preferred payment type.
Blinked Timeline
Blink launched its fully committed private pre-sale of 100,000,000 BLKD on May 30, 2018. On July 8, 2018, the advertisement of pre-sales began .This shows an early pre-sale of 50,000,000 BLKD.

Blink road show is set to begin on September 4, 2018 with a pre- sale of 150,000,000 BLKD. Shortly after, Blink will do a general sale. By the end of 2018, BLKD token integration shall be complete and Blink will release Blinked DAPP+SITE. April 2018 will see Blink Holiday power marketing, which will be the beginning of decentralized Advertising sale Administration.

Blinked BLKD Token Sale
A member provides both first and last names, email address, nation of origin, token purchase quantity (any purchase below the average daily purchase amount will be rejected. Minimum purchase amount is 15k token .Remember not to enter commas or symbols), wallet address and then send payment.

Blinked Token Flow
Tokens can move either to or from the Blinked CO. When they move from the blinked CO, they go to an advertising token On-Ramp then to the Token Exchanger, when they combine with tokens from user token On-Ramp.

They can then move back to token exchange and together with user token On-Ramp, and then move to the user through advertising sponsored activities like AD views, recommendations, administrations, and P2P TIPS. Those tokens from user token On-Ramp move to the user’s wallet from the token exchanger. Once tokens leave users wallet, they can either go to exchanger wallet or they become rewards by blinked CO.

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BTT Username: wellni
BTT URL:;u=988093
MEW: 0x112B9D8875ee0B48269645706c949673885F693d

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