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P2P system in the world of the sixth technological structure providing a full range of transport services for direct (horizontal) interaction of passengers and drivers without intermediaries.
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WEBTAXI forces the change in the economic model from the vertical corporate to the horizontal personalized self-regulating and transforms it into a free market of independent drivers.

Our mission
We strive to provide the customers with the opportunity to communicate with performers directly without any restrictions, intermediaries and additional (temporary and financial) costs as well as to create a quality taxi service that does not destroy the market with unreasonable price dumping and not being a familiar financial pyramid. Beneficial for everyone – Beneficial for all!

Strategy for Drivers - self-register and work free of charge directly with customers in any city.
Strategy for Passengers - all taxi cars in one application. Car and price, you choose yourself, which means you can always go with driver which you want. Ordering directly to drivers, they do not pay for your orders and earn more.

For clients is a system with ingredients of the Michelin restaurant, where you can choose a quality service at an auction price, because Drivers compete with each other for price and quality for the customer. Always the widest choice of cars and tariffs.

Business model for drivers: free access to the platform for the machine that exist; Prices in the system are set market-oriented, by the drivers; Unlimited method and no payment for orders. This allows drivers to earn more than $ 45 per day on commissions, for example, with Uber, Lyft, or Gett, and frees the market from financial intermediaries.

Self-regulation and self-organization simplify the management of the System and minimize costs in maintaining the office and staff. The system is autonomous - from registration to user interaction and distribution of funds. The service does not participate in mutual settlements between drivers and passengers, allowing drivers to receive immediately and in full the fare for travel, which additionally creates immunity to the laws governing taxi transportations. WEBTAXI, INC is incorporated in Delaware, DE, USA.

Your opportunities and contributions can be varied. We need Qualified consultants, Designers, Investors, Programmers, Social media specialists, or social network marketing specialists, American taxi-cooperatives,Taxi drivers, etc.

You can become an independent partner of System . It means, that you can get a share in any city in the world without paying money. The commission is credited to the partner immediately from each transaction. This Partner does not need to maintain an office or taxi service, maintain a staff, a car park or a call center. There are no compulsory conditions for doing business. Quick payback period of costs. The first partners in the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan - we provide 50% of online service revenue with an indefinite term. We invite you to cooperate with us launching the project in India, China, USA, Australia, Eurasia, Europe and other regions of the world. The WEBTAXI.MOBI market is estimated at $ 800 million per year.

For drivers
The ability to simultaneously accept bookings from various taxi companies as well as the direct bookings from passengers at the rates that are set by themselves; Insignificant (~ $ 1 / day) fee for accessing the platform in any region of the world; No commission fees unlike the existing worldwide services (Uber; Ola; Didi; Lyft; Yandex, etc.); possibility to compete with other taxi agencies and drivers by changing the tariffs independently; several vehicles registration is available; estimated 4 times less mileage before car delivery; independence from the other worldwide taxi services.
The driver can perform an unlimited number of bookings during the day he paid for receiving all the money for travel from their passengers personally and immediately. The Service fully refunds the fee paid for the day during which the Driver has not completed any booking.
Moreover, drivers can also execute paid bookings from taxi agencies integrated with our system. The commission for such bookings is automatically distributed among the owners of such agencies.

For taxi companies
Significantly reduces the time of delivery of the car to passengers and up to 86% increases the feasibility of applications; additional income from the work of the system; the opportunity to smoothly transform into a new generation of the market while retaining its business and sovereignty.

For Taxi Associations and Cooperatives
Unions enjoy the free platform for solving corporate issues and participation in income distribution providing a quality alternative for the drivers allowing to avoid Uber-like services and aggregators in favor of the Unified Transport System. This type of communication has great prospects contributing to the rapid transformation of the market.

For passengers
The full range of transport services is available in just one application in any city; the widest choice of vehicles and tariffs; independent choice of car and fares; the moral satisfaction because the drivers do not have to pay anything to anyone for your trip.

For the market
WEBTAXI overcomes fragmentation of the transportation IT platform market and consolidates it into one self-regulated system, based on personalized P2P relations, which are formed within a unified transportation information space.
WEBTAXI, being deployed, gradually eliminates dependence of drivers on Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), and significantly widens the spectrum of choices for consumers of transportation services.
With WEBTAXI, competition in transportation transits directly to drivers' level, and, in contrast with current competition mechanism, predatory pricing dumping becomes economically unreasonable.



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