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Answer to your question Unified Transportation System

  1. Do you have the operating system? What stage of project development you’re currently at?

    The basic conception elaborations, analyses and application development are already made. The Service is fully packed and launched. The system is available only for Ukrainian users at this stage.
  2. How it will be possible to indicate the possible bookings through Uber and GetTaxi on the map? Did you negotiate this with Uber and GetTaxi? How you will attach my credit card to the Uber account?
    The system creates its own space where the personalized interaction between users takes place. All taxi drivers of the city are available for clients, not just those of some taxi service agency. The System consolidates all the drivers without exception but not the agencies or services.
    The key difference of the Unified Transport System to all other taxi booking services and application is the provision of the personalized platform that consolidates the market. While all other similar services tear it apart. Users are enabled to provide transport services directly to each other without any intermediation. The System is highly beneficial and easy in use for commercial transport drivers, taxi, minibuses, trucks, cargo transport, aero taxi as well as for their clients that use these services.
  3. How does it work?
    The application scans the specified location displaying the closest and the most beneficial transport offers. Clients can set the transit rate themselves choosing the car they like. The client can make a taxi booking for just 4 seconds. The driver’s personal data is stored and the direct connection with the driver is available if you left your belongings in the taxi car. There is SOS function for emergency situations. You can add each driver to your “Personal drivers” list.
    For Drivers the main advantage is that their personal profile is viewable for all clients in the city. The unlimited operation mode. No mandatory fees. The payment model is: you pay just when you work. The powerful System functionality that covers all aspects of taxi driver operation makes any other similar applications useless.
    The system facilitates the transport market self-regulation and self-organization because it sets no restrictions it terms of rates and the list of services provided. The Service can provide the constant economically reasonable discounts through lowering the functioning costs creating the significant advantage against the other competitors. The System covers all audience so its fullness and diversity is available for everyone.
    According to statistics, in a big city there are from 200 to 400 taxi agencies and various services, each having its own programs, applications, regulations, etc. And any such disconnection creates fragmentation and incompleteness of the market as a whole. As a result, there is no unified space of transport services.
    Drivers are tired of such fragmented market, being limited in scope of operation, being forced to pay a substantial fee on the bookings they perform and for improving the work efficiency they need to use the applications of several providers which is very uncomfortable and not profitable at all. Furthermore, drivers, as well as clients today rigidly dependent on the rates which are set by taxi agencies for their services independently and can not interact directly with each other.
    Drivers around the world are in chains and they’re not free to make basic decisions as well as customers can not choose their driver they would prefer, the vehicle, the transit cost or set their own desired rates.
    This is due to the fact that the business model of popular taxi services such as Uber, Lyft, Get, Yandex.Taxi was created the fifth generation of the market not in accordance with P2P technology..
    Market requirements changed. Stiff competition is getting replaced with personalized relationships and self-regulation. And these changes are based on cost reduction
  4. Why, e.g. Uber can not switch to the similar system?
    Firstly, because Uber is not a stand-alone system.
    Secondly, because Uber needs more and more money to maintain the healthy state of its system. These are the bonus surcharge for drivers; surcharges for drivers for renting cars; additional payments for promotional offers to users; paying salaries to the large staff, offices; etc.
    Thirdly, because these different kinds of surcharges and dumping are the main pillars of Uber in competition with Lyft, GetTaxi, Didi, and other counterparts.
    Fourth, the limited number of drivers get the access to systems such as Uber.
    "+" PR and dumping due to large investments;
    "-" huge problems with personnel recruitment; significant fees; Inability to work without attaching the card; complicated procedure of driver registration; excessive Internet traffic; problems with geocoding; No features of self-regulation and self-management system; not a standalone system; demand for more and more money to maintain the system performance; hatred of the drivers; dumping as a basic advantage leading to a deadlock.
  5. What is your plan as for competing with Uber, GetTaxi etc.
    The Unified transport system is the latest P2P sixth-generation transport market system. Uber, GetTaxi etc.are essentially the old good services of the fifth generation of taxi market, even though they call themselves online services, they are just hyped.
    The system is totally original and not a copy of something else, so we do not want to compare it with other services which do not have the fullness and copy each other and compete with each other. The system does not aim to compete. Our goal is to provide quality, convenient and efficient product satisfying the drivers, customers and our partners.
  6. Is it possible to make it popular worldwide?
    Answer: Each of the below listed services has a global significance and obviously covering its market niche.
    WhatsApp - free communication and messaging through mobile Internet throughout the world
    PayPal - the largest debit electronic payment system
    MasterCard - the international payment system
    Mail Gmail – e-mail service
    Google Drive - the online files backup
    Fasebook - social network.
    YouTube - video network
    Skype - VoIP-service
    WebTaxi - Unified transport system
  7. Why people can not protest against your Service like they did against Uber?
    All drivers can access to the system, not “chosen ones” like in Uber. Second, our system is not involved in dumping as Uber. And due to the fact that drivers can save up to 99% by using a service platform on the cost of bookings commission and they can also set their own rates for their services using the service that appears to be very profitable for them. And what is beneficial for the single driver, accordingly advantageous for the industry union as a whole (because the union is made up of drivers to protect their interests).
    The system is based on universal connectivity and openness. All is transformed into the community in one way or another, that is grouped around common interests and getting engaged in marketing focused primarily on consolidating the customers into the Unified transport system.
    Thus, the system increases its key capital i.e. the users (passengers and clients) who may create even more value (increase in the volume of bookings and revenue). Both the drivers and customers pay less. As a result of such communication, each of the System participants earn money within the community and thus they become united.



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