The global market of Taxi could change


On the market there was the newest transport system of the sixth technological order, creating, as it propagates, a common space in the field of transport services. This is a great revolution in how to work a professional taxi market.

What is your plan for competing with Uber, DiDi, Ola, Яндекс.Такси, GetTaxi etc? The Unified transport system WEBTAXI is the latest P2P sixth-generation transport market system. Uber, DiDi, Ola, Яндекс.Такси, GetTaxi etc.are, they are just hyped. The system is totally original and not copy of something else, so we do not want to compare it with other services. The system does not aim to compete. Our goal is to provide quality, convenient and efficient product, satisfying the drivers, customers and our partners.

Drivers can simultaneously carry out direct orders from taxi companies, and work on their own rates directly with passengers, to compete with each other. The TNCs are uncompetitive and meaningless.


With a clear and understandable concept of the P2P system does not participate in mutual between drivers and customers. Custom mobile apps allow drivers to reduce their cost by 99%, and for the client - a single transportation service with roaming in any city (taxis, cargo taxi, minibus, car tow truck, air taxis, heavy cars, passing trucks intercity).
In the new system the drivers are free, independent, and have the ability to make any decisions. Mark Halperin notes that the universal means of dumping systems, even steeper than Uber ... Those who take their own decisions - to dump, or to earn.

For passengers, the system with the ingredients of the Michelin restaurant, anticipate desires. It is possible to not only select the car, the driver, the cost of the journey, but also the receipt of the money.


The system has the control over transportation, and has full autonomy - from registration to interaction of users and allocation of funds, which does not require the contents of offices and staff.

The project virally modifies the market, and outputs it to a new level, from which the need for a system will only increase. Access to the system today is artificially limited to Ukraine, as a testing ground.

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