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FLETA is a worldwide mainnet venture with accomplices and system which incorporate Europe (Malta, Switzerland, England, and Poland among several others), Asia (Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore among several others), Australia and America. FLETA has accumulated worldwide acknowledgment through going to conferences and meetups in Europe and Asia and getting check of their innovation. In the primary quarter of 2019 FLETA plans to dispatch their Beta Testnet and have it accessible to people in general so as to have their innovation further checked and reviewed.

Furthermore, FLETA is the blockchain service platform which aims to provide the technology and business support services to DApp developers who build their projects in the FLETA ecosystem.

In particular, alongside the opening of the Beta Testnet, FLETA will dispatch a DApp game that they created so as to give developers and ordinary clients an opportunity to straightforwardly encounter FLETA's administration. FLETA is expecting to dispatch their mainnet in the second quarter of 2019 with the objective of encouraging a supportable DApp ecosystem.


Independent Multi-Chain Structure

FLETA utilizes an independent multi-chain structure, with the existence of a sub-chain apart from the main-chain, resolving the main-chain overload issue and reducing excessive fees both for developers and users. That is, by separating the performance of the main-chain and the data domain, each DApp is operated independently, without being mutually influenced, leading to a limitless number of DApps being available. This in turn, results in the reduction of excessive development costs of DApps and execution fees caused by using DApps.

PoF Proof-of-Formulation

FLETA developed a new consensus model, preventing unnecessary fork, along with an improved speed, which distinguishes itself from the existing consensus models like Staking. This new consensus model is called PoF(Proof-of Formulation), consenting the order of block mining and creating blocks in such order. The spreading range of blocks is reduced, which makes the creation and dissemination of blocks more rapid. Moreover, real-time confirmation can be attained through observer node, also preventing potential unnecessary fork.

Block Redesign

Block’s structure is the pillar of the blockchain, which directly leads to the processing speed and storage capacity. FLETA has redesigned the block structure, which had been used since the initial stages. This was accomplished by reducing the blocksize by 43% and at the same time reducing the size of index, which is needed for operation. Thus, the processing speed became 1.8 times faster and data size has been optimally reduced, making the structure more efficient.

LEVEL Tree Validation

Unlike the Merkle Tree validation, which is constantly undergoing a great deal of calculation, FLETA adopted the LEVEL Tree validation. Reducing the size by 90%, the LEVEL Tree validation carries out a high quality transaction validation process with less data reception, concurrently increasing the speed of the process by more than 5 times.

Parallel Sharding

The Sharding Algorithm, which FLETA developed, can be operated in parallel, without double spending, as each shard is separated so that the data is not shared among them. Additionally, the enhancement of TPS is achieved with the increase in the number of shards, along with the enhancement of TPS in each shard, making FLETA process 20,000 transactions per second. We are proud to report that this is the fastest TPS of individual shards among existing blockchain projects.


Programmers Prioritzed ecosystem: FLETA's new Proof-of-Formulation consensus algorithm comprises of blocks generators (known as Formulators) that propose blocks to be mined on the blockchain. For each block that is effectively proposed, Formulators are remunerated in FLETA tokens for their work. All FLETA token holders may fill in as Formulators allowed that they stake and lockup a specific sum of FLETA tokens for a set timeframe in a "Detailing Account". At the point when the essential measure of FLETA tokens has been locked, they may join the system as a Formulator hub(hub) and begin producing blocks in order to earn FLETA tokens.


FLETA tokens can be earned as blocks rewards. As the lock of a specific measure of FLETA tokens is required to wind up a formulator hub, FLETA's blocks mining model gives a balancing out impact to the quantity of tokens accessible available at some random time. The more prominent number of formulators that there are inside the system results in more FLETA tokens being locked up, and this fills in as a speed and supply sink that balances out the token cost.

System Transactions

A level of the expenses from the majority of the exchanges made all through the system. Consequently, hubs who join the system early will be repaid with procuring a higher level of all out blocks rewards and exchange expenses all through the system.


Decentralized applications gangs' incredible potential for industry that need adaptability. By and by, there exist rivalry among online crypto stages inside digital currency stage; it has cleared immaculate ways where DApps stage can take off.

Transactions Systems

As a stage that is exchange empowered, clients will probably make their exchange easy through a framework like this. Therefore, clients who join this biological system at its beginning period will be compensated with a higher squares level which will all be trade and remunerated all through this environment.

Blockchain Security

With blockchain specialized system, new client and organizations' will probably work practically, with security FLETA will almost certainly set up strategy, development backing, legal guiding and publicizing administrations without dread of programmers of client profile.

About The Fleta Token

DApps with token issued in the FLETA platform are operated in their own independent chain, not in the mainchain. That is, token economy is actualized through various consensus mode selected by each and every DApp developer. Each DApp’s token can be rewarded independently through a preferred consensus model (PoW, PoS or voting process is included, but not limited to these). Token economy is a driving force of FLETA and its DApps, providing motivation for various utility tokens to get on board with FLETA.


Hardcap: 30 million USD

Total Token Supply: 10B

Private & Public Sale: 2.5B (25%)

Reserve Fund: 4.2B (42%)

Marketing: 1.0B (10%)

Advisors & Partners: 1.0B (10%)

Founders & Teams: 1.3B (13%)






2018 Q3

Tech Paper: Proof-of-Formulation / Advanced Transaction

PoF Code Released

2018 Q4

Exchange Listing

Testnet Open : Proof-of-Formulation / Advanced Transaction

Tech Paper : Smart Contract and Datachain Separation / Parallel Transaction Processing

PoF Code : Smart Contract and Datachain Separation / Parallel Transaction Processing

2019 Q1

Testnet Update : Smart Contract and Datachain Separation / Parallel Transaction Processing

Tech Paper : Governance

Management Portal Alpha Open

2019 Q2

Mainnet Open : Token Swap

Testnet Update : Governance, Grid Bucket

Management Portal Beta Open

Masternode Exchange Alpha Open

2019 Q3

Mainnet Update : Governance, Grid Bucket

Testnet Update : Realtime Router, Distributed Log

Management Portal Open

Masternode Exchange Beta Open

2019 Q4

Mainnet Update : Realtime Router, Distributed Log

Testnet Update : Service and Sever Resource Monitoring

Masternode Exchange Open

Game Project Alpha Open

2020 Q1

Mainnet Update : Service and Sever Resource Monitoring

Game Project Beta Open


Website: http://www.fleta.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.fleta.io/download/190410_FLETA_Buisness_Whitepaper_ENG_Web.pdf

Techpaper: https://www.fleta.io/download/181024-TechWhitepaper_EN_V2-web.pdf

Github: https://github.com/fletaio

Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain

Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@fletachain

kakaotalk : https://open.kakao.com/o/gDDjvgN



BTT URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2407711

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