The concept of microcdit changed into evolved through professor of economics mohammed yunus. the trainer became knowledgeable in the u.s., however he turned into from banglgladesh, one of thpoorest nations in the global. in 1974, yunusus jned the fight agaiainst hunger in his homeountry. during the war, he determined ththat even the smallestoan ought to plalay a decisive role for e poor.

he issueded his rst microloan from his pot to 10 girls who madmade boo fixtures; the mortgage quantity was most effective usd 27. on the equal time, yunus found that everyday ba banks are not interested in lend to rich ententrepreneurs; banks see this as a highsk. in 1983, yunus based the grameen bank,nk,ich started to trovide microcredit loans to peopeople need inB banladesh.

since 193, this financial institution has alrs alreadued extra than four mil4 million loans tng approximately usd 5 billion. to guarantee reimbursement of t of loanthe financial institution, a pledge device became used: some of the creditors, ers, mal agencies were fashioned, meose participants depended on every different andr and sued every different. as this machine evolved, grameen bank evolved opportunity lene lending es. similarly to n to the microlthe financial institution additionally isso issued loans for housing, mortgage loans, and agricultural , which have been directer to project cape capital and maposits. the succesuccess of this model, pted with the aid of grameen bank, stimulated nred nan in lots of different devr deing or even advanced international locations, which includes the united states. many Many micdit initiatives specificallicallget girls, for the reason that late latter suer from forced povertyhey endure mosr mosthe price of retaining
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ly. almost ninety six% of9the grameen financial institution microcredit loanroloans were issued en. inspired via the concept of mohammed yunus we trust thave that in modern times, we neeven more modern version of el of lhat might satlsfy the wishes of theof the entire population of thet, whilst respectespecting idcal concepts. we gift ouenproduct artificial intelligence financial institution as a virtual financial institution thank that operatthe concepts ofles of tckchain era and does no longer set a aim of creating a prot. artificial intelligence bank is capable of difficulty loaue to any individual (to makto makot from funding) that hthat has accethe net. with With th of contemporary era and particular artificialticial intelligenceproduct may be capable of serve the consumer in any united states witry without violats legal guidelines. our task is on is to provide nancial services in such ahat simplest human beings winle win, not the nancial structures of the world. it is currently critical to launo launch prodike artificial intel Intnce financial institution, merchandise that paintings forrk for a perst for a device.



**AutonoIt doesn't matter during which jch jurisdictihe consumer is found.
All All processes are fully auted.

A bank will settle for d issue cash in any n any cu of the globe and maind main cryptocurrencies.

Providing funds.

the classification system are going to be supported AI,on AI, its use will be identical to banking cons. At identical time, time, the risk of non-return will be reduced from the risk of 10% of MFIs to the risk of 2% of our product will work

on artif artificial intelligence.


Trl loans square measure issued iissued in 1-2 applications focuments.

Recent sRecent studthat AI will alreadyan aess individuals higher than individuals thepeople themselves do. Therefore, the verification of documents becomeity.It is way more necessary to guage what someone is

*on is.


The loan growing and also the project eill certainly bfinitely be and knowledge grerience growth. Trn, can result in birthing the muse fordation for growth and develop as before long as potential. Wessible. We are already laying the potential for growth and the possibility of scaling ess.

Since it'll be absolutely machine-driven, there'll no extra prices for reconstruction thebuilding the business model.

Artificial Intelligeons

Behavioral associate analysis takees into consideration human behavior once submitthen submitting an appli of the various factors is however quickly an individual fills ost a form, however typically onew oits the data before ion before the swhether or not one useser oert ways or methods or types character-by- character, thethe beginning of making the applying to submion to submitting it, etc. Ithe mixture of behavioural analysisalith alternative factors offers a fair lowan even lower risk of providing a non-repayable loan.


At the outset, AI Bank will try to legally buy as many scam databases as possible, which will not be used as instant locks, but for teaching AI by detecting applications of scammers.

Confirmation of personal data.

Verification of the submitted documents or lack of thereof will be used here. If the client submits a forged form, the system will be able to indicate this with its own algorithms.

Client history.

AI Bank will analyze the history of previous activity of its clients using AI.

Digital prints. When applying for a loan, about 50 digital parameters of the client will be determined in real time, digital fingerprints of the client will be generated.

Country specification.

In the proposed model, the AI will form fraud control for each country.

The calls of physical operators.

Managers of AI Bank will make calls to clients to confirm the entered data and verify the client in selected cases.

Social networks.

At the client’s request, AI Bank will use information from the client’s social networks to increase the level of confidence in the client. Besides, this mechanism will allow confirming the authenticity of the person and the documents submitted.

External credit history.

If desired, the client will be able to provide their credit history on their accounts in their country in any digital form for the analysis of AI.

Lowest rates. Non profit bank.

In the market of develope, it's stripped-down. Inminimal. In developing countries and economies in transition, it is high. To attract borrowed funds in MFIs for turnover, the interest rate for investors should be higher than in bank deposits. Accordingly, the issuance of loans to MFIs is only possible at a very high inteThe charge per unit within the planned p propo is about mechanicalautand so the matter of problem of the influence oanks is totally gone. The planned project is absolutely compefully competitive and etitors.

ll bas.

All banks rates are constant. On the one hand, it is convenient because it allows you to keep profitability at the same level. However, taking into account the rates and regulation of money circulation by central banks, there is no certainty that the rate will not raised.

his dd.

This directthe dimensions of e scale of business ancess to each creditboth credit and deposit In the planned projeposed project, the lending rate and profitability depend primarily on the product ecosyate are going to be capable such a worth, that on , whine hand can permit increasing the money assets ial assets of the baing the quantity of loanber of loans) and on the other hand – ensuring a minimum interestd funds.

nd giv.

And given that the interest in the project will be huge and the rate will be minimal – this will accelerate the growth of the turnover of funds and as a result, iyield.



WHY YOU SHOULD INhere's a necessity fors a neency monetary help, a sistance, a loanoan will assistance withethe present scenario. Hoituation. However, what if a croloan are going to be provwill be provided via the blockchain ith all-time low ratinterthe earth and within tnet hortest doable timeossible time for anyone who has access to the Inte is often the most plan of ain project and along with your facilitate it'll blp it will be real.

**Now we are on Private Sale save sensible bonus of half-hour for all 30% for nts on personal sale stvate sa we are going to shut personal sal private saleD) - we are going to have abwill hao start out programmart programming our project and run full ICO stage. Without private sale our proil. Now one AIB Token prices zero.05 USD however can|it'll} raise chop-chop after we dly when we will place our token on maiand can begin to form AI o create AI Bank with full power and energy.

If you are ready with us and want to invest now - on this stage we accept payments withoucabinet. Just fiet. Just fill out form on the next page. We are accepting Bitcoin and Etherium to pay for our tokens. We dont have any delays. After your payment in 24 hours you will receive our tokens to your ERC20 wallet with 30% bonus back and will be automatically subscribe to our investors newsletter where we will inform about every news inside our project.


![image.png]( to unravel several issues with the present micrcurrent microloan market, AI its own system that's not radio-controlled by industrial interests however is intended to produce a compovide a complete alternative to global financial sysk, like alternative blockchther blockchain systems,nks provide ands supnd while not the necessity forthe need iaries.

The intes.

The internal system operates in accordance with certain rules, restrictions, and norxternal system il ecosystem is supported s as:**


ncome irom the monetary activitnancial actiank can endlessly l continuously iets so as to extend the amount and worth of loans within the future.



Resistance to external forcing through decentralization. Wts, employees andments, staff and anythe fabric worthe material world, the system will not interact with ee. With the assistance of dynamic internet landingamic weng associate degree application are potential fro be possible from any devicountry.


Machines are faster and more accurate than humans. Due to coherent algorithms, any decision in the AI Bank systl time.

Transpl time.


On-checorded within the p recordegister can turn up within tll take place inata that's not a ata tha secret are openedret will ing however saved exploitation cryut saved usingTHE ADVAMAZING TEAM & ADVISOR
Sujeet Kumar


The crowdsale of the AIB token will be conducted in two stages: Private Sale and ICO. Everyone is allowed to participate in both stages without any restriction. Private sale members will get 30% bonus.






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