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Hello all!Today I want to tell you about a project that really can simplify each of us in the information search process on the Internet. That sounds unusual, right?They drive to understand!Of course each of you faces such a problem when you really need to find specific information, but in GOOGLE or Yandex search results you don't have the information you need.Then you must shovel the source of information that is not too fast, such as reference books and other literature on the topic.Recently, there is also the possibility to have information on YouTube, where people post their solutions to many problems, but once again it is often very difficult or even impossible to find solutions to your questions.With technological advancements, the blockchain has the opportunity that this situation can change in the near future.And OMNITY is exactly the project that will change this situation.

About the project

A project that is ready to show us the solution to an existing problem called OMNITY.
The main objective is to systematize all existing data in the world. That is, knowledge uses a combination of various mathematical and machine learning technologies, as well as a number of other assistive systems for data detection and management.gement.

Probleer, so far, knowledge has resulted in huge losses. For example, the first in the world suffered the fire of the Alexandria Library and most of the works were lost irreparably. Our age library also burns into an element of fire more than once, which once again proves their inefficiency in storing valuable data. What can I say, during the Second World War, a large number of books were destroyed, because the information contained in them could provoke a revolutionary atmosphere in the community.

Thus, one of the following conclusions from above is that our knowledge is very often dependent on a small group of people, politicians or scholars who do some time, what they want without thinking about the consequences. Besides that, now information is very often emerging that many countries are rewriting history, erasing from their memories and the memories of their young generation some embarrassing and vile moments of recent years, changing the true history of all humanity with their amendments.
But this is not the only problem that hangs on our intellectual heritage. With the development of the Internet, resources are starting to emerge more and more frequently, where you can find a large number of collection documents, mixed with other types of data, which lead to chaos of certain information that is difficult to dismantle. What is original and not? What is right and what is not? What information must be trusted, and what is not? All of this forms a kind of unlimited digital knowledge network, where not only we, but also our young generation gradually sinks.

Project Features

The project itself is an evolutionary stage in developing existing resources, which has been successfully operating since 2016. At present, the core of the system consists of integrated management systems, natural graphics and language processing, and quality control and machine learning with a decentralized data storage system (eg Blockchain).

OMNITY system includes knowledge fields such as:

  • federal documents and documents from various state institutions;
  • scientific articles of national health institutions;
  • development and characteristics of various medicines and food industry facilities;
  • data on centers for disease control and prevention;
  • study of various projects for national protection and defense;
  • knowledge of national standards and technology institutions;
  • data from the Ministry of Commerce and the Office of Trademarks and Patents;
  • data on the stock exchange and more.
    Thus, we see that the OMNITY system absorbs the contents of all these archive structures and a group of other federal databases. In addition, these ingredients are open to all users and are kind of "free." Why is this word enclosed in quotation marks, I will try to explain in the token section.ection.


The Y system is equally unique in its type and allows you to create various query levels. I will try to give you a small example so you understand the beauty of OMNITY. Suppose you are interested in several types of scientific dissertations, which relate to several fields of science. You make your request in the system, after which all the intellectual systems of OMNITY are included in the work and begin to look for causal relationships between scientists, researchers, others, companies, organizations and even the government, connections that can fully answer your requests. Namely, OMNITY collects and organizes all data in the category you need. In addition, at your request, you will receive a fully structured answer, where one or several ideas, conclusions in the text or ideas documented in a personal or public archive will be revealed.
All of this is possible through a combination of machine learning, mathematical graphs of language processing, detection and relations of information flow. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the speed of processing your request occurs at an incredible speed, you get the answer almost in real time. I think this is just phenomenal!
It is important to note that OMNITY only uses verified information sources. These can be scientific papers, technical, medical, mathematical, engineering, legal thesis, federal grants and patents documents, national archives, and many other official sources. All of this data forms a single OMNITY database available in more than 100 languages.

ICO details

In addition to the security needed, the blockchain in this project also plays another role. And we will talk about tokens, with the help that users will receive free access to great access to information from the OMNITY system. Also, using the token - Om, users will be able to upload documents and archives to the OMNITY system. For example, for 1 Om, users can access documents no more than 20 pages, each of which contains around 3000 characters. In general, the principle of operation is quite simple and clear, which makes the OMNITY system accessible to a large mass of modern society.
At the same time, the ICO launched will enable it to collect investment funds needed for further project development, increase the volume of information and absorb additional dl data.


Considering the pace of daily information growth, it is very difficult for people to sort through large amounts of data with this or that information. Because there is no systematic absorption or reproduction. And to learn independently one or several question areas, it may take more than one hour, or even one working day, to retrieve the information you need from a different archive.
The presence of OMNITY in the world simplifies life, making it more structured and safer. Everything you are interested in or need to know is available in unlimited volume. At the same time everything works quickly, clearly and easily. Someone only needs to do a few actions, because the ball or knowledge that you have been searching for is so long revealed before you.
In fact, I really like the idea of ​​the project. And I already know how to use it. Therefore, if you are interested in this project as well as mine, I suggest you familiarize yourself in more detail. Below is a list of all official project resources where you can find more information about OMNITY.

For detailed information, please visit :

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