Files.FM is an information technology company that builds innovative and easy-to-use but sophisticated and sophisticated software products for file storage applications since 2007. Files.FM develops FFL so that it gives everyone the opportunity to transfer data that is useful for everyone to find and access. . FFM is that original platform token that allows users to participate in the Library and get prizes.
Files.FM is an active company throughout the world, their clients are based in regions throughout the world. It uses US and European info canters, as well as edge delivery of material (content) servers and provides world support in English.
This platform has the special advantage of developing plans to scale buggers - they have been monitored in cloud file storage for more than 10 years. Platform Files.FM is currently only attracting more than 750 thousand registered users and relatively more than 2 million exclusive guests every month.
File Core Value. FM makes something people expect. Try hard for a smooth but elegant solution. Respect our customers and customers. Community problems, they like what they do and forever try to do better.
Open Files.FM for collaboration and custom projects. Files.FM wants to collaborate with ICT companies and look for local distributors and resellers. They can work on expert plans and applications. If you are looking for data storage (data) specifically designed and exchanging solutions for a long time, then Files.FM is for you.

Files.FM will integrate the use of P2P technology with utmost transparency for end users - no need to divulge how the blockchain works or install and configure any software.
Users will be able to participate in the network just by opening the website and will integrate the options to buy / sell tokens and make wallets if needed.
Files.FM provides support for the API (application programming interface) for web, cellular or desktop developers. This is applied as a separate set of web scripts - Break the web application programming interface. The interface applied to being a creator does not maintain a separate file storage service to make management related and safety features.

File. FM uses decentralized hybrid technology to ensure fast download and transfer speeds and content remains accessible regardless of whether the server is down or no partners. Also, the use of P2P systems eliminates server costs, as long as this line makes administration free for all. In the case of the Files.FM mediator where the only one is responsible for labeling and transferring files, it will take hours of work and the system will drain and take a long time. This is the reason Files.FM will believe in community delivery and editing.
User participation in maintaining the library will be rewarded with FFM utility tokens which can later be exchanged for additional benefits. The token will be registered in the crypto exchange! This allows independent trade with them.

FFM Token:
ICO stands for Initial Coin.
FFM tokens are supported by the Ethereum blockchain and engineered according to normal ERC20. Library Token

  • Total Token offer: 10 000 000 000
  • Limited offer: affirmative
  • Price per Token: $ 0.01
  • Symbol: FFM
  • Type: ERC20

First Year of Crowdsale:

  • Private sales: $ 1 000 000
  • Presale: $ 1 000 000
  • Sales public: $ 10 000 000

For detailed information, please visit offisial :

Author : appdeal
BTT Profil :;u=2443861
Eth Address: 0x3dE816E2F6FA28AB7Fad2B28fD8c649Ab5c0bdeC

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