What is Oniz Token? Introducing ITO Oniz Token project

What is ITO?
The concept of ITO is we improve from the ICO in 2017 and the IEO in 2019.
ITO is breakthroughs created the separate market crypto.From the weakness point of the ICO and IEO we launched ITO ecosystems in ONIZ. ONIZ is the first ITO also pioneering the concept of safe.

What progress points of ITO based ONIZ ?
ONIZ opens many interesting things for investors, such as casino online, football betting, the escrow investments bring big profits to investors by up to 30% per month.
ONIZ provides tip betting odds of winning up to 80-85% according to our AI algorithm.

Insurance Fund ONIZ for investors
ONIZ provides insurance reserve for investors.We will rebuy the amount of tokens sold out, making transparency for investors.The ONIZ insurance policy buys it as follows.
After the end of Round 1, we'll rebuy

What is the Oniz token used for?

  1. Create technology projects with multiple payments supported by Oniz.
  2. Buy bet tips and win tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the type of bet.
  3. Pay for products from partners who accept payment through ONZ or projects initiated by ONZ.
  4. You can use ONZ to pay for the Oniz game linked or created by the oniz platform itself.
  5. Login to ONZ : a form of entrusted investment and very high profit from Oniz. Details of investment packages can be found below.
  6. ONZ archive: Monthly interest rate up to 30% / month + profit received when the value of ONZ increases. This is a pretty safe investment.
  7. Trade in Oniz: The form of making money in Vietnam is very popular with hundreds of thousands of people surfing the web every day.
  8. Connect with Oniz: Receive Oniz commissions through referrals.
  9. Participate in projects published by Oniz: online games, sports betting, online casinos,MLM money games , digital banking projects.

The ONIZ fund is an decentralized opensource fund and helps participants to raise capital as well as create subprojects from owning ONIZ token.

With a powerful multi-chain wallet system, ONIZ allows the integration of crypto payments into daily life and online payments such as.

Smart Contract with the following specific information:
Name : Oniz token — Icon : ONZ

Total preferences: 8 billion token
Transaction code: ONZ
From China
ITO sale date: 11pm July 1, 2019 (GMT + 8)
ITO time: 6 rounds in 21 days
ITO sale: 2.7 billion oniz
Development team: 2 billion oniz market balance, avoid inflation and internal projects
Oniz. Payment ecosystem and trust agent: 2.3 billion Oniz
Marketing, bonus: 1 billion oniz
Registration: After completing ITO
Oniz Token’s ITO is divided into cycles. After completing the first, second and third round, the ITO
allows members to be lucky to own ONZ to sell token.
ONIZ for publishers and earn direct profits as a tribute to trusted members. The idea is
to accompany ONIZ with the maximum price up to 40% in Round 1.
In addition, Oniz Token has multi-threaded wallet application technology that no electronic wallet can provide.


Plan to develop ITO and prepare a technology platform for ONIZ.

ITO Information disclosure and launch ONIZ Fund Investment platform.

Release AI sports betting platform and opening multitasking payment gateway.


Launch multinational money transfer platform via ONIZ with Bank Wire API integration platform.


Announce ONIZ development team and promoting social media marketing.

6.Q2, 3/2020
Launch the decentralized trading platform ONIZ exchange.

Launch fighting game using VR feature and use ONIZ to bet

8.In 2021
Focus on developing Startup projects using ONIZ token as a platform and creating a risky lending platform for technology startup projects.


Experienced team and unique ideas. Both investors and ordinary users would benefit from your project. A very good and reliable company with incredible plans for the future and really good prospects. I think we should join them as soon as possible, because it's a good project. with investments and profits certain. Provides us with total confidence and credibility.
Beside that they have clear road map with strong team and professional
Interesting project in terms of technology. Very well thought out and promising! Please read the project documentation. After that, you will join the project, as I did. Analytical reports only confirm the huge benefit of this idea!I think this project has really big future.


Website: https://oniz.co/
Whitepaper: https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165733.msg51844051
Twitter: https : //twitter.com/Onizco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oniz.coo
Telegram: https://t.me/Onizco

ONIZ ID: 384524

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