📡🧩 Representatives of the Waltonchain Russian Speaking Autonomous Community  Visit SPIEF'19

On June 6-8, 2019, Saint Petersburg EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre hosts the 23rd Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF'19.

The Forum is an important event which gatheres authoritative businesses and statesmen; and President of the Russian Federation held the greeting speech at its opening.

SPIEF'19 pays special attention to the international relationship development between China and Russia.

General sponsors and sponsors of the event:

Forum program:

During the three Forum days, a representative of the Waltonchain Russian-speaking Autonomous Community contacts the commercial and state project managers, establishes public relations and presents the Waltonchain project and the Autonomous Community to the participants of SPIEF'19.

The community does its best to establish business contacts with businesses and state agencies for Waltonchain in Russia.

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