📡🧩 Russian Top Business Media "RBC" (RosBusinessConsulting): Waltonchain Token Rises 16% on Airdrop and Burn News.

On July 12, Russian top business media RBC published an article on the upcoming important events of the Waltonchain project:

Who are RBC and why this coverage is a great achievement?
This information will be useful for institutional and public investors, businesspersons, stakeholders, as well as the entire international community.

The RBC Group or RosBusinessConsulting (Russian: Группа компаний «РБК», РосБизнесКонсалтинг) is a Russian media holding established in 1993 and headquartered in Moscow. It includes the TV channel RBC TV, the information agency RosBusinessConsulting, a news website, the business newspaper RBC Daily and a monthly magazine. It conducts industry conferences, business regattas and awards, and is the largest private media holding in Russia. Capitalization on MOEX (Moscow Stock Exchange) is $44.13 million (as of March 10, 2018).


  • In 2000 RBC launched free webmail and hosting project, one of the large projects in Russia.
  • In 2002, RBC conducted the first Russian IPO on domestic exchanges. According to the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2002 European Technology Fast 500, RBC became the fastest growing Russian company.
  • In 2003, RBC launched RBC TV, the first and only business channel in Russia.
  • In April 2016, searches were conducted at the ONEKSIM Group investment fund, RBC Group’s primary shareholder, due to previous publications about Vladimir Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova and her husband, Russian oligarch Kirill Shamalov, as well as about the Panama Papers. RBC is acknowledged in Russia for investigative journalism and reports on corruption and power abuse, which led to forced leadership change, including the editor-in-chief Yelizaveta Osetinskaya, in May 2016!

Group provides financial reports and information for investors at http://www.rbcholding.com

Knowing this information and understanding the magnitude of impact of this publication on Russian businesses, we are proud to be a part of the Waltonchain project.

❕Waltonchain project thanks RBC for attention and expresses special thanks to the author Michael Tyetkin and the Russian-speaking Waltonchain Community!

PS: The publication by RBC was further picked up by other business media:



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