📡🔥🎉 Waltonchain Russian Speaking Community & Astral KKM Signed a "Memorandum of Understanding, Cooperation and Joint Development"  🤝🔖

📡🔥🎉 Representativeives of #Waltonchain Russianeakinging #AutonomousCommunity visited the office of AstrKK KKM Group, Virakass and DiktFm Faktum in the ter of Moscow, on Tsvetnoy Bouleulevard.
The parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding, Cooperation and Joint Development.

🤝🔖🤝🔖The companies provide direct B2B services. Therefore, addiding Waltonchain’s products to its portfolio, Astral KKM’s sales department wilble to ac to provide thetomers with the opportunities thies Already now, "Waltonchain can offer.
Custo KKM (wwstrl KKM" (www.u) can already makomen make a to buy the company’s goods s goods and services in $WTC, and can also come topany’s office located on the len thary Bolshoi Karetny lane inplace in the centscow to get a consultation on victonchain’s products!


📌🌍It is a It is a great starting point for further cooperation anmotion of Waltonchain’s products in thon the Russian market. Cooperation hst begun; and we d we hope to achieve great results in uture.


Telegram Ru: https://t.me/waltonchain_rus
Сайт сообщества: https://Waltonchain.space

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