Blockchain technology revolutionizes the world. It influences the healthcare industry by creating, among other things, a global network of hospitals, doctors and patients into one system, as well as more efficient drug creation.The automotive industry is another interesting area in which the blockchain will play a significant role. Companies such as Porsche, Renault and Mercedes-Benz are already beginning to take advantage of this modern technology.

The Estonian company was created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and relies on blockchain technology. CoinCasso is a fully licensed company located in the European Union, which offers many options for applying blockchain technology and making transfers.

Our goal is to create the most effective solution of a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, integrated with a network of ATM ATMs.

CoinCasso - is a partially centralized exchange where users have decentralized, democratized influence on operations.The world of cryptocurrency goes in the direction of legalization, laws and directives.CoinCasso is covered by two EU safety directives and is fully licensed.European Union. Other countries that fully legalize cryptocurrency.

Features and Benefits

Professional cryptocurrency exchange for trading (the service will provide an opportunity to exchange more than 10 cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as exchange them for 3 FIAT currencies).

Payment system integrated with the platform via API (due to the full compatibility with the API, it will be possible to integrate the system with any site, which will allow making payments in cryptocurrency).

ATM ATM network for fast deposits and payments (full integration with our Exchange will help to perform operations)

CoinCasso Pay - a virtual card connected to mobile service providers.

Mobile application "Wallet" integrated with the platform and external payment services.

We share our plans for the future of the company, present changes and innovations.We focus on building trust. On our pages we used the most modern solutions in the field of computer network security.We listen to our customers and their needs. We are open to advice and new solutions.
Our team has many years of experience and expertise in programming, development, marketing and communication.CCX Token allows you to participate in the sharing of company profits and provides an opportunity to purchase services and custom packages on our platforms.

The team is planning to improve our servers and website.Therefore, we are forced to temporarily disable the Internal Exchange.Due to the fact that the platform is developing, and the number of users is growing, we must take care of your security.That is why we need to transfer our server to the best hosting service provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS).As a result, the speed, security and ease of user interaction will be enhanced.

CoinCasso - the company includes the Estonian, licensed cryptocurrency exchange CoinCasso Exchange creates a unique solution for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the entire project will cover the ATM-BTC ATM network. Their launch is scheduled for the second half of 2019. We are also going to implement a mobile application, PC and POS solutions, connected to the whole infrastructure.


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