Love story: Rekha and Himanshu


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     Тhere are many love stories in the world and like all people I also have a love story. I was 20 years old at that time. It was the first day in my college. I was very shy in first day because I did not know anyone in this collage.

     Soon I met with my friend Rinku. That guy was very straight forward and loved to fight, but nice person. I made a first new friend in collage. After that we were waiting for teacher. That day was rainy. After some time window opened, very fast air came from window and I saw a girl.


     First day in college

     Because of this wind, her hair covered her face. After that when she clear her face I do not know why my heart is started beating fast. That feeling was first time feeling in my life. I saw many girls before in my life, many girl I found attractive, but that feeling was first time.

     But I was confused. What to do? Нow to start talk with her? And so many questions like that. Аfter that my friend Rinku said me that he likes a girl. When I asked him who is the girl, he pointed the same girl!

     So I got an idea. I thought: «If he will try to talk with her, ultimately she will come to our group. After that I can talk with her and will know her more». Yes, it was stupid to take that decision, but I found that way positive. I knew Rinku. Нe always talk about fighting and irritating things which any girl will not like.


     That feeling was first time

     After that teacher came to our class. First day was introduction day, so after her introduction I knew that the girl is Rekha. All day I was looking at her. When she looked at me, I looked down and that things we did many time that day. I did not want this day to end. But day ended. Rinku approached her and offered to go with us. She agreed.

     I was so happy that time. We all went home by metro train. Her metro station is 4 more later than mine. But I always acted that I forgot my station. I always went 4 station far just to spend more time with her. She always asked me why I forget always my station and went 4 station far. And I smiled and said: «I do not know».


     Metro in Delhi

     After many days I collected courage and asked her for her phone number, and she gave me it. Then I asked her:

     — Can we go together every day to the collage?

     She agreed. That day I was very happy. I hate vegetable loki. My mom made that vegetable for dinner. That day I was so happy that I ate even loki. I was start planning, how will spend time with she everyday, how will I offer her a relationship.

     One day we both get late for collage. After that she said that now teacher will give us punishment. So I said:

     —  Let's go to the cinema and bunk the class!


     Go to the cinema

     She never skipped classes. But I convinced her. That was our first movie together. She was watching movie and I was watching her. Finally, I proposed her. But she said: «No». She said she is not ready to come in a relationship. I got sad that day. Next day I did not call her.

     I started go collage and collage to home alone. After 4 day she came to me and said what is wrong  with me, why I ignored her. I moved from the place where she was. I said:

     — Now I have no courage to stand in front of you and talk.

     After that she said:

     — I am waiting for your message and call every day.

     She said that she think about my proposal whole night and if I will go for movie with her tomorrow than she will accept my proposal! I really feel very good that day. It was like that this God gave me all the happiness of the world. Next day we went to movie and I had a special kiss.. 

     That is my real story and after some incident we got many problems in life too. Our relationship with Recha faced many hard things. If you like my love story, please vote.


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