NBAI strengthening of AI

Artificial intelligence is now used in various areas of our lives. This is not about a full-fledged thinking cybernetic device, but about machine learning and use of learning programs and applications. Giving the rapidity of technology development, many are trying to develop it in a specific direction. The NBAI team undertook not only development of the technology itself, but also for increasing computing power with the help of miners. The prospects of such technologies are able to turn our thinking about smart technology and greatly simplify existing processes.

Use of blockchain technology

Today blockchain technology in its use often have separate structures that don’t have a distributed structure. And this fact interferes with the access of user. Use of blockchain services now involves existence of any additional tools. These tools can be desktop applications on various computing devices. However, all this is only the face of the entire complex of decentralized services, the capacity of which cam sometimes fail.
All the applications that we are currently using, we perceive as maximally handy and comfortable. At the same time, we forget that all this can be developed for a very, very long time. Applications are written taking into account the current performance of the network, although the developers take into account technology development- they could make a product with a margin for the future.
The NBAI team wants to use miners’ power in order to remove the limitations from developers and allow them to count on much greater capacity for their programs and applications. This allows global optimization and creation of decentralized applications of much higher quality.

NBAI solutions

The computing power is a tangible resource. The faster people can use this knowledge for improvement, the faster all branches of human activity will develop. An important part of this activity is AI. Studies of this area now consume more and more resources and require recharge. In addition, the network bandwidth with time began to dictate its limitations and reduce computing power of DApp.
The NBAI project aims to improve performance and data transfer speed on blockchain. This required creating a tool to provide additional computing power. It’s planned to do this with the help of AI, turning ordinary applications into decentralized AI.
Using AI, it’s planned to reduce energy costs, as well as to increase power of data transmission in blockchain network. This became possible due to a significant increase in power associated with the involvement of miners. In addition, all developers will be able to use this power and create their own DAI App. For their placement within the platform, developers will be paid a reward in the form of NBAI tokens.

NBAI technological tools

The implementation of the project idea is possible by using several unique platform technologies:
Platform of AI: sequential analysis of supply/demand for computing power and automatic determination of the most profitable and convenient method of acquisition.

Physical computing blocks:
changing the provided mining capacities to obtain a more productive computation. It will be necessary a timely update of the software.

DAI: creation of a special interface to use decentralized AI.

File storage:The use of inter-planetary file system allow to improve data interaction when stored in a decentralized environment, and also use of cross-chains.

Educational center of AI: Experienced engineers will train AI in accordance with existing projects and develop it. Also, the goal of educational center is to popularize and disseminate.

All these modules, when working together, are designed to improve quality and speed of decisions and to make forecasts that go beyond capabilities of the human body.

Platform tokens

The NBAI platform plans to issue 6.7 billion tokens at the rate of 1 ETH = 100 000 NBAI tokens.
Softcap: 500 ETH, Hardcap: 18 000 ETH.
The tokens can be used within the platform in three ways:
Purchase and sale of DAI App services within the platform
Expansion of capabilities of DAI App if necessary
Testing services that provide delivery of NBAI services

NBAI roadmap

2017 - study of the principles of work and development of AI for development of concept of DAI Apps. The sale of tokens was scheduled for 2018. In the same year, the first developed applications appeared. The network called Orion is created for interaction of NBAI platform participants. In the next years, it’s planned to gradually increase number of applications in the network and their distribution. By 2020 it’s planned to have 500 apps.

The future of the NBAI platform

Despite all the advantages- the idea of the NBAI platform is not new. However, the team of developers created unique tools that will help solve the set tasks and exist in today’s competitive market. It’s worth noting the amusing fact that the very same development will help the project, because AI that developers create is aimed at analyzing the market and making quick and correct decisions. The whole community of miners is to help the entire process, as planned. Don’t forget that after a while some of the miners will be looking for ways to monetize their equipment, because mining of Bitcoin will have finished, pure and simple. The income in this case will be obtained exclusively form commissions. The NBAI platform will provide such miners with conditions for earning in their system.
The system will be a tool that will give a very strong impetus to development of AI and creation of complexes to simplify production and economic processes. Anyone can personally create a specialized DAI App and get real profits from this, provided it is placed on the NBAI platform.

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