Introduction While the internet seems to be a central part of everyone's life, it can be hard to imagine that there are many businesses that are still not online. While this can be attributed to several factors; lack of access to the internet, and the complexity and cost of building a conventional website are certainly prevailing reasons. One could assume that this is mostly occurring in the developing world, although it is worth noting that even in the USA with all of the available infrastructure and support, a GoDaddy report stated that over 50% of small businesses do not have websites or Facebook pages.

ZYPLINE addresses this massive global market of sole proprietors and bridges the existing digital divide with the world͛s simplest online posting solution. Through the use of Zypcoin, it can allow users to upload any file in any format, turning the otherwise black screen of a caller͛s mobile phone into an online business page; setting the user's mobile number as locator or URL. It gives billions of individuals and businesses online pages that they may not otherwise have access to.

 ZYPLINE addresses the underserved market segment of sole proprietors, home businesses and artisans around the world; enabling them to benefit from global e-commerce utilizing only their mobile number. Zypcoin will respond to this special market with a simple and affordable method to establish an internet presence for business and personal postings without requiring the overhead, technical support and costs of a conventional website. It supports the huge addressable markets of small contractors, home businesses and the informal workforce and helps to close the global digital divide which limits certain individuals͛ access to e-commerce.  

 New App-Token

In order to properly address this market, ZYPLINE intends to issue Zypcoin, a new "app-token", to reprogram existing applications, develop new applications, and implement a single distribution / agent strategy that meets the needs and processes of this sector. The result will enable this large global market to benefit from online businesses, display online products and services, and even participate in global e-commerce with just their mobile number and without the costs and weights of a website.

Zypcoin can divide the existing digital divide with the world's simplest posting solution. The platform can be used to upload any file in any format and to set the user's mobile number as a hub or URL. It offers millions of people and businesses online pages that they would not otherwise have. Zypcoin is planning an ICO for a new "app-token" to address the serving market segment of individual owners, homeowners and craftsmen around the world, allowing them to benefit from global e-commerce with just their mobile number.

The Zypline Connection Platform

Zypcoin token applications are built on the ZYPLINE patented plug-in platform that provides a direct one-step connection to any online content or page from any user-controlled index, such as mobile phone number. The user has total control of the index allocation. ZYPLINE is not a search engine - it's a connecting engine. This sign-on method provides only one result from a survey that does not show intermediate steps or choices and does not contain navigation steps. The ZYPLINE sign-in platform is not a competitor for standard search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is free and both services, search and connection can be integrated.

Target market segments

While the internet seems to be a central part of everyone's life, it is hard to imagine that there are many companies that are not yet online because there is no available internet service or the construction of a conventional website is too complex because it means learning, hiring consultants, and incurring monthly expenses. This is easy to understand for the developing world, but it is important to note that even in the US, with all the infrastructure and support available, GoDaddy reports that over 50% of small businesses have no Facebook pages or pages.

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch has identified this segment as an untapped billions of billions, accounting for about $ 56 trillion in the e-commerce market for billions of people who are primarily without complete Internet services.

The Zypcoin system addresses a large market segment that currently has no online presence, which currently includes approximately 45% of the world with no Internet services, plus a segment that has internet but does not have the necessary resources. Having a presence online is a critical requirement in today's markets - no matter the size of the company - because consumers want to research a person or an online business before calling. However, for a variety of reasons, most of the global workforce does not have an online presence. Zypcoin solves this problem by providing simple online and ecommerce pages for "Rest of the World".

Recent US government statistics show that 54% of small businesses (16 million) in the US do not have a website, add consultants and independent people (estimated at 55 million) and their number is significantly higher. Consequently, making a call and, for example, automatically displaying work hours would be an important asset and a major time saver.

 Current Situation

Zypcoin has existing products and applications that will be modified for this target market. These products will be the immediate focus of development and will be available in 2 quarter 2018. Subsequent to the initial adjustments to the base products, Zypcoin plans to develop many add-on products and applications and make them available to their global network.

ZYPLINE is seeking to raise up to $5.0 million, a soft cap, via its Zypcoin token offering (ICO).




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BOBBY BARONE: Director Marketing Network Development & E-commerce

JASON COLES: Director Marketing Community Outreach 

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