Seal Network [ICO]

 Seal is an authentication service powered by blockchain technology. Seal is the best way for anyone to check if a product is genuine or fake. It is a platform that enables anyone the ability to confidently, quickly and economically verify the authenticity of any product which is Seal enabled, with a simple scan of a smartphone. Today, major brands worldwide are targeted by fraudsters, reputation of brands are often tarnished by knock-offs and fakes. Seal seeks to solve this problem using blockchain technology, allowing consumers and manufacturers to verify genuine products. 


How does it work?

The Seal Platform consists of several components, namely (i) a product with an embedded Seal-chip that uniquely identifies the physical product (ii) the Seal application is installed on an NFC compatible smartphone, (iii) Seals that enable communication between different parts of platform and (iv) Seal-network, unchanged database blockchain in which each transaction is recorded and validated by its vertices.

Brand is the only publisher of the product pair in blockchain. In this way, the brand can make sure exactly how many authentic copies are released. Dishonest producers can no longer produce imitations that can be passed as authentic, because they can not imitate tokens.

 The idea of the network

SEAL network goals to disrupt a counterfeiting field that is worth about one Trillion USD, by joining NFC chips and modern block-chain tech. I think this is an enormous use case for modern block chain tech that could help hugely decrease the wide amount of fake products that presently exist. 

 SEAL Token Metrics

The hard-cap is decent considering the value of the fake sector, the bonus is not that much, so it’s unlikely to dump after listing on crypto exchange and what we I like the most is that the group has SEAL token locked for the first year and after that, steadily vested over a term of three years. This states that they’re here for the long run and truly wish to make the idea succeed.

The utility of the token

The SEAL token is mainly applied to identify the verification of a product and to transfer and register the ownership of it by using advanced block-chain. This could also help stopping theft, tracking parallel deals on the second-hand market or creating specific item analysis. An extremely vital thing to think is that SEAL network will regularly decrease five percent of the charges. It receives from companies, which is extremely likely to boost the token value.

The Seal Token Sale

Companies and users can spend SEAL tokens on service on the SEAL platform. There’ll be a total of 1.2 B SEAL tokens minted, and the total supply of the SEAL tokens will never exceed this value. No more than 492 M SEAL tokens will be allocated for the SEAL token sale. Every SEAL token is set at a cost of 0.056 USD during the token sale pre-sale, and 0.80 USD during the main sale. Of the total supply of SEAL tokens, 40 percent allocated to the token sale, 13 percent to the team and consultants, 7 percent for influencing and lobbying 22 percent for future operations and 17 percent for future R & D.


There’s a lot of oppositions in this field, with the likes of Walton, Wabi, VeChain, Origin Trail, but they manage in diff areas/niches, so I see many of potential for SEAL network to take over a huge part of the market share, particularly in US and EU. They’ve many benefits over its opposition, but the major one is the usage of NFC chips in its place of RFID, which are way more safe and sound against hacks and also have a long run life pan cycle.

The team behind SEAL Network

They’ve a super experienced team with extremely fine experience in huge brands like, Microsoft, Nokia, Dell, or Deloitte, but most vitally NXP, which is the largest NFC chips giver globally! Their optional board truly stands out with having the former VP and managing director and the chief info security officer of NXP connecting them, which could actually make a diff in this field and turn out to be valuable competitor benefit. This skilled team is also participating in a variety of block-chain conferences and is extremely active on Social Channel, which shows that they care about the financiers and listen to their opinions.

 What makes Seals solution better than the rest

     Encrypted dynamic chip counter that writes to the chip every time it is scanned which is synced to the blockchain. (this is unique to Seals solution and NFC chips).

    Consumable products with chips that are destroyed on use or deactivated once consumed. 

     NFC chips can be embedded either in glass/other materials or installed in such a way it is destroyed once opened. Other techs can do similar applications but the size, durability and options are much better with NFC.

    Dutch company and the NFC chips are manufactured by NXP semiconductors which is also based in the Netherlands.

    Already existing working product. Existing brand customers.

    Already existing working product (non blockchain version). Existing luxury brand customers. You can find more info on their website

     Seal have allocated a large amount of funds and tokens to future developement of a more secure NFC chip. 



Token Cap

A maximum of 1.2 b tokens will be printed and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492 million tokens will be allocated for token sales rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and transaction sizes.

Emission Token

KYC and AML required before buying token. Buyers must provide their details and addresses to be used to send Ether from. If the tokens in the presale round remain unsold, tokens will be offered on a large scale. The token offered remains unsold after the primary sale will be distributed proportionally to ALL the sales token participants. 

Example: Buyers bought 3.69m Seal tokens during main sales, 123m (25%) tokens remain unsold. Buyer receives 1.23m [(3.69 / (492-123)) x 123] additional tokens for a total of 4.92m tokens.

Further information:

• The actual price will be in Ether and will be available on the website, together with the bonus structure

• Prices will be on Ether instead of dollars to reduce exposure to ETH-USD volatility.


 Meet The Team 

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