All of us remember films in which robots went out of control of people and claimed their rights to world domination. Among them are Terminator, Matrix, Lawnmower and others. But this prospect does not seem so far away, in view of the acceleration of the development of new technologies. And it can be really a problem of the nearest time if you imagine that some mentally unbalanced person will give the robots commands that can lead to the performance of illegal actions. It's time to take care of protecting people in this case. And just in case the machines learn to be autonomous and begin to develop themselves using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today in our review of ICO an unusual project to create a robotic management community Magnus. No, this is not a group of people who will create weapons against them. We will now talk about what Magnus is like.


What are robots for? To help people solve complex problems and replace them where physical labor is needed. Modern companies engaged in the creation of robotics, do it in isolation from each other, competing for the market, hiding know-how from each other. This is a deterrent to the development of the industry.



Magnus is a platform that brings together in a single community of experts in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning from around the world in order to consolidate resources for joint development. Magnus is a universe for automating production through robotics.

For this purpose, dual tokens will be created at the intersection of the two leading blockchain platforms: ETHEREUM and NEO.



The team Magnus employs specialists in industrial robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Blockchain technology. On the site there are links to the Linkedin profiles of each participant to ask them questions of interest, if necessary.



Name of the token: MGSN (NEO)
Smart Contract: Ethereum ERC-20
Soft Cap: 1 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH
Emission: 118,200,000
Price: 1 MGS = 0.66 USD
Investments are accepted: ETH, NEO, GAS


Magnus - an unusual project, which was difficult to imagine a few years ago, when there was no Blockchain. Soft cap project has already been passed. He has fairly high ratings on the listings of ICO projects. We wish Magnus success and will follow the project.


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Official sources of Magnus project



Bitcointalk Username: Lifelogging
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1130613

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23.07.2018 17:31

Interesting project , I think it will be relevant in the next 3-5 years. While this market is only being formed.

24.07.2018 06:26

Thank you!

24.07.2018 06:46

Отличный проект, спасибо за информацию!

24.07.2018 07:05