SCAVO's technology is based on commercial model SCAVO Token. Each Token SCAVO was acquired by investors we represent the right to receive benefits from all that is produced by agriculture mining for life (as long as it is the holder of a Token), understood as a period in which the benefits exceed the costs the operations required to maintain in the farming operation. Technology developed by technology SCAVO and third parties will be used to build standalone and scalable mining center that uses renewable resources for power generation. SCAVO technology will finance the construction of the entire system that forms the center of mining through crowdfunding by distributing token SCAVO, during the early coins offer (ICO).

Why SCAVO Technologies ?

Unlike a pool, it does not depend on the hash power of participants; unlike Cloud Mining, we do not rent hash power neither charge administrative fees, regardless the income

Soft Cap $ 500.000
Med Cap $3.500.000
Hard Cap $ 83.600.000

(08-11-2018 TO 08-20-2018) 1 SCAVO = USD 0.75 BONUS 20%
(08-21-2018 TO 08-31-2018) 1 SCAVO = USD 0.80 BONUS 15%
(09-01-2018 TO 09-15-2018) 1 SCAVO = USD 0.85 BONUS 10%
(09-16-2018 TO 09-30-2018) 1 SCAVO = USD 0.90 BONUS 5%
(10-01-2018 TO 10-31-2018) 1 SCAVO = USD 1.00 BONUS 0%

Ethereum Classic
Wire Transfer
Credit Card
Achieving energy independence is a major milestone in the method of project development itself because it can enable the occurrence of different enterprise operating models while not being tied to ancient energy prices as well as fluctuations in energy markets or energy policies. employing renewable energy for electricity generation, it is possible to develop this scheme in several elements of the world wherever energy values ​​are not compatible with the crypto mining market.
Scavo Technologies will create an environmentally friendly economic system for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable for the long term. happy to see them take a long-term approach to their business model. Cryptocurrency sounds like here to stay, and with that comes the requirements for economical cryptocurrency mining operations such as Scavo Technologies. This team is also very experienced. For additional scans regarding their concepts and business plans, please be sure to check out the websites and white books listed below.

SCAVO Token:
The initial coin supply (ICO) can enable Scavo technology to hold large-scale large-scale mining operations alive by building power plants that can use renewable energy sources. this can allow investors to maximize their profits and find various benefits in the short, medium and long term.

Details of Tokens and ICOs
SCAVO tokens are tokens based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The SCAVO token guarantees the right holder to:
1 - Receive 100% of the profits from our mining operations through the following scheme.
A. 80% of what is produced by mining operations will be paid immediately.
B. 20% of what is produced by mining operations will be reinvested to increase future payments through renewal and changes in mining equipment that is more efficient and achieves self-help from mining.
2 - Receive 30% of profits for services to third parties provided by SCAVO Technologies.
3 - The right to vote in important company decisions.
Tokens will be offered for a period of up to 108 days, starting on July 15, 2018 and ending on October 31, 2018.
SCAVO ICO will be carried out by SCAVO Technologies. This offer will become public opento and restrictions will only apply to residents in countries where they must meet certain requirements to be selected as investors.
Number of Issuance of Tokens - 200,000,000. Maximum. (Tokens not donated, will not be generated).
Token Value at issue - $ 100
Accepted forms of payment - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin-Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Decred, Bank transfer, credit cards.
Minimum investment amount - $ 25 (or equivalent in cryptocurrency)
Start ICO on - July, 2018-00: 00:00
ICO is completed on - 31 October 2018-23: 59: 59
ICO time zone - GMT - 03: 00 (Argentina? Buenos Aires)
Token issuance date - November 1, 2018
Minimum Target - $ 500,000
Medium Target - $ 3,500,000
Maximum Target of $ 83,600,000
What will we build together! With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and completing different R & D stages, we will build large-scale, independent and measurable crypto mining farms that facilitate access to blockchain technology in a predictable and environmentally friendly manner.
We extend the invitation to everyone to participate in the acquisition of the SCAVO Token and join this project through our official channel. All of your suggestions, which strengthen the project, will be considered.
With the vision to focus on self-sustainability, scalability and giving everyone the possibility to be an active part in decision making SCAVO ensures the future of blockchain technology. SCAVO intends to remove imbalance supply of energy and provides unbalanced distribution of energy over time and space. Thus, it will be another solution for the different energy prices in the market. Their own power generation stations are a long-term investment. Those who are willing to invest in the SCAVO project can have lifetime profit.
SCAVO is a good ICO program.
Think business is quite fantastic. This attracts people in general.
Experienced and skilled cooperation to be achieved.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.



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